Are people really going to have lots of alts?

    If I understand the system correctly, this game is a bit like FFXIV in that your character can easily switch between builds (classes). Yes, you start out with a fighter build, or a mage build, but you should be able to get enough knowledge points to get lots of skills and whatever, and have probably three or so complete build options, all on your single character. So I don't think you need multiple characters for different builds.

    However, you may wish to have 3? Start as a beastman, human and demon. I guess that is one reason to have 3 builds. But I'm not sure how that will work out. Can your characters join different guilds? Can you play enough to support three characters, each contributing to their town?

    Just not sure how it works right now.


    You will be able to join 3 guilds but due to common name holder all your alts will share, more observant guilds will be able to see who yoir other alts are.

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    Me personally, no. I will probably have 3 alts - one for each race but will focus on one and play the others on and off. I already have a job that takes up a good portion of my time; I don't need the game to be another one.


    @Woode On top of the different races, you also might need alts because you are basically class locked, that is because rerolling attributes will be restricted. Therefore, you might think that you have a free choise because you have access to all abilities, but in reality you cannot use most of the unlocked abilities or at least it is not reasonable. You can easily create and swap between different caster builds for example because your attribute distribution is somewhat the same, however, going from caster to warrior or rogue will not work unless you are fine to be a meme or average at most.


    Yeah, I used to have multiple alts in many MMOs as well. Before when I had much more time to play.

    Nowdays, I still play, but I generally focus on one character. It's enough for me. Several characters would just take bunch of time that I do not have.

    There is a myth that a "life" is out there. I'm still trying to find it. 🙂


    I will also focus on my main human character, however, I am also going to create a human alt for ganking and other shady business, so I do not have to care about karma, flagging and stuff. I am also going to create a beastman and a demon alts so I can play the content on differen planets if I want to and that way I have easier access to all possible resource on different planets as well.


    I want to add that some people are going to use alts for camping and spying, and perhaps to get extra timed materials from crafting. Alts are not necessarily needed to use the same way as your main character but in different side activities where ever players can benefit from them.

    @Woode I am personally used to totally free character progression systems like in Albion or Runescape or where New world is also targeting. However, I have not played much FFXIV but I am awere of their character progression system. It is kind of interesting but also kind of rare in theme park MMOs, and I have wondered, how it actually works there? I understand that sandbox games uses totally free progression system, but theme parks... Anyhow, I guess I could like it.


    @Woode The thing about switching up builds on the same character is that stats severely limit your build if you want to min/max your character. If you have played D&D think of trying to play the same build from a fighter on a wizard. Having a 18 strength on the fighter is awesome but if your intelligence was 6 you are going to suck as a wizard. I think most will rework an alt before reworking an existing toon. The limiting factor for me is you have to relearn your knowledge tree. That to me will be a limiting grind for alot of alts used as actual characters. Although as pointed out there are alot of other uses for alts for which I'm sure will be used to the detriment of the game.

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