Other types of "consumables"?

  • Are there any other type of usable items than lets say potion, bandage, antidot etc. planned?
    I mean items like Wands fom BG or wand from DotA, or item that would summon something to help you like Horn of Valhalla - BG or Necronomicon - DotA.

    Would be craftable, have set amount of uses before breaking and would help classes with solving problems with immunities (other way than resting and changing your whole build) and would further specialise your build.
    Problem is balance ... maybe like "needs to have 5 Invocation abilities slotted" (aka only for mages) or "5+ Musicianship abilities" (Bards only). Or the item could take up to 2 ability slots or something.

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    @asspirin Well in my opinion this crutch that's being used in other games to allow the player to obtain new abilities from a public pool would be completely redundant in Fractured. This would simply not achieve any goal and be an exhausting way to add new abilities to your roster.

    However you're dancing around a really interesting and related topic: what if these items are quite powerful and rest above the power level of a median ability? I completely understand that this might go against the whole "horizontal progression" idea (which I still don't think the game should be 100% horizontal) and would be imballanced in PvP (which can be limited by some sort of a balancing tool, just like OP pointed out). This is the conversation I think could be had.

  • @humerus yep, i just ment something for those with low IN who need to sast come spells, or minions for guys with low CHA etc. 🙂


    I wouldn't mind seeing consumables that counteract ongoing effects. Consumables are always great for crafters as well 🙂


    Consumables are always nice, not only as help used in fights, but also as economy catalists as well. More consumable things out there, the more need for constant fluctuating economy.

    It is only important that consumables do not become too powerful, to be considered as mandatory if you want to win the fights. As long as they stay a "mild help" they will work OK.


    consumables are indeed great for crafters, but not things to counter low stats, or low level stuff, as they'd almost become trash items imo. If they are so low level as well, everyone could reasonably make them for themselves with no need to buy from crafters, and so would effect the economy of crafters, as no one would come to them for that type of item.


    @Nag Not sure the level we are talking about. I think people still have a problem wrapping their minds around the fact a new character is as powerful as a character that has been around awhile.

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