How to "obtain" in-game money

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    I know the title may sound a bit absurd and stupid, but I really wonder how to obtain silver, gold , denar or whatever it will be called in game. The devs said "Finding a broadsword in the corpse of a rat sounds a little unlikely? ", so I understood that the rat would also not drop any money. How are we going to generate money in game?


    Last I heard killing humanoids would give a chance to drop cash.



    Processing various ores, in this case gold ore, then processing it into money, then buying stuff from people that have other professions using this money.

    Processing gold ore will not be easy, it will require the source (mines) that will be point of conflict, and an entire enterprise.

    So that means one will not simply "grind money" on his own. And certainly not from rats. This will ll be a part of entire economy infrastructure. You will need a profession to get to money (either gathering/crafting or services).

    Humanoids will likely drop a little money, yes, but this will be minor amounts, and not something that would enable you to effectively grind for your needs.

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    @Clinion what @Gothix said above is correct - aside from the bit on PvE. You'll actually be able to "grind for your needs" through PvE, since gold is dropped by humanoids - the game currently only features goblins, but there will also be orcs, trolls, kobolds... The usual bunch 🙂 Also, some creatures will drop gems you'll be able to sell to NPCs for gold - that's going to yield better results, but prices will fluctuate widely from city to city, so you'll have to know where to go 😉


    Ohh gems... shiney! 😄

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