Animal Taming/Breeding


    Hi. I was wondering if we can only tame pre-existing creatures? or can we also "Raise" new ones?

    Can we do cross breeding for various effects?

    Will we have animal pens/cages for them?

    Will there be 'magical' ways of accelerating their growth? enhancing their abilities?

    Are there going to be any winged pets which actually fly? or water based pets who only swim?

    Besides those that reside on land of course.

    Just some thoughts


    It is my understanding that Fractured has no intention of an indepth system for anything other than combat prowess & mobility of characters. Consequently, while animal taming is a met stretch goal, there will be no breeding system.

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    Breeding would be something I'd like to see added after release - we'll have to do our best to make the game successful!

    The dev team surely has enough on their plate though - I'm really glad they stopped adding stretch goals. You can only do so much to release a game. We're so used to the old method of game development, I think that we as a gaming community ask too much of the kickstarter model.

  • Mounts are a big part of the game, so I'm quite sure we will have animal husbandry. However, like in UO and Albion, it will probably be very basic and similar to farming: you put the animal in the pen and wait. Maybe some mobs will drop exotic cubs that can be raised into mounts.t


    As long as its not BDO gambling style breeding.

    I'm not against any mechanics that follow the path of rewarding the players skill and/or effort, and avoids the process of gambling.

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