Any ideas for easing the search for specific items/mobs?


    I believe I am not alone when I say that I have a HUGE problem when trying to find Rabbit Feet.

    They are, for now, almost essential for enchanting due to the Chaos 3 modifier, yet, they drop at a very low percentage and, in my case, it is really hard to actually find rabbits (I have around 10-12 near my house, but I spend 1-2 hour to hunt all of them [and most of the time, no feet for me] )

    So I came here to ask, do the community have any ideas on improvements on this system?


    • one Idea I had is to be able to track specific mobs.. Kind of similar to Zelda's BOTW sensor+ thing, where, once you have it in your album (Knowledge book) you can target the mob and if you are near one of them it will show on screen. We could even have a limit on % of the book, so you can only track after having 40+% knowledge or something
    • This thread, in which the @Roccandil suggests having an increased drop rate according to the Knowledge you have of the mob
    • Make a Hunter's skill to be able to track animals, either being "All animals in an area" (Would not include wisps, elementals, goblins and other non-hunt related animals) or "track thing that drops this resource" so you would have to have an item in the inventory (for rabbits, a simple and common rabbit meat would be enough for this, for example)
    • kind on the same line, have a Hunter's skill that acts like a buff, something on the lines of "Have X% more chance of finding Y resource", or "Chance of doubling the resources gathered" (this would be useful both for animals and plants, just doubling everything you come across, or specifying which item you want to have a chance to double)


    Like the idea similar to hunter traits in D&D

    Animal tracking lets you see animals in area
    Sense evil lets you see evil aligned mobs and characters
    Herbology lets you gather more resources and be able to harvest resources other players can't
    Anatomy lets you harvest more from creatures and even resources from player body's
    and so on....


    Tracking has traditionally given you information on animals in the area with a pointer toward them. The level of your skill gave you a longer distance.

    I would also like to have good map tools so that when I explore a location on the map I can then tag it with notes.


    The spawns are static. I was able to find enough Rabbit spawns near me that I can run from spawn point to spawn point and by the time I get to the start they have respawned already. And you said you have 10 near you which is more than me so you should be able to do the same.

    This isn't something I think the devs need to create a new mechanic for. This is something that players should be able to solve.

    I think a lot of this will be solved with just moving out of Alpha. For example. I have no problem hunting rabbits at the moment but I don't like traveling what feels like an hour to be near the starting area. Once the game is live I would gladly be farming those rabbit feet to trade for more common mats in bulk that are just too far away for me to want to go farm them.

    But being Alpha I am obviously not going to farm more than I needed, and I am not looking for extra mats for item replacements at the moment either. This is something I think would solve itself with trade and community interaction.


    I haven't played too many 3d MMORPGs, but the games I've played have uniformly featured 'blips' on the mini-map that let a player know where they were relative to other players & mobs w/in a certain range. This being an alpha, I'm not gonna whine about that not being ready yet, but it definitely will help a lot when it's ready.

    I wanted to try out the 'social' features a couple of days ago and found a newbie in starter town who was happy to 'party' up and get my help with tutorial quests and house-building. We both had some trouble staying w/in sight-line of each other, and the party chat had some glitches, so it was challenging. I'm guessing others have already put in bug tickets on the chat issue but looking fwd to being able to locate my pals - in my head, I justify this by saying they have walkie-talkies 😉

    The degree to which a player is able to 'see' mobs might be connected to knowledge or (as in DDO) just available within a certain range based on 'perception'


    I'd prefer that a potential animal tracking not give you pointer towards animal current location right away, but perhaps show you its tracks, that you could than follow (if they are still "warm", not older than X time passed).

    However that would make sense if all animals constantly moved around, and wouldn't just stick to a location. 🙂

    Other than that, perhaps you could culture certain animals on your farm. Rabbits could easily be "grown".

    Wild animals, hmm perhaps a:

    tracking dog pets that would not fight for you, but serve as help in tracking animals. There could even be a proffesion:

    PET TRAINER that could train your pet in certain skills. System could be made pretty complex. But again, that's investment of resources. 🙂 Would it be worth it?


    i dont like the 'dots on the minimap' thing but a you feel x mobs would be east of you would be neat. maybe the knowledge tree, between hunting, tracking, and something else could help aid in easier locating of said animals.


    Some form of tracking would indeed be cool.
    It would also allow "trackers" to potentially make some small profit by selling their time and services, to those that chose other schools / professions.


    If you have already explored an area then you know where spawns are at. Even if you want realism hunters know where animals reside that's why there are hunting guides. Hunters in our area know where all the deer, duck and fish are. I don't see a problem with your personal map having tools to turn on spawn locations once you have visited those places.



    i like personal map but i'm not thinking of a mini-map but a typical 'large map' when you press a key to bring it up.


    I'm thinking about animal migration, where not always same mobs would reside on same place.


    @Gothix In UO there were spawn locations but the spawns would move the longer they were out. I'm not sure if they were tethered to the spawn location with a limit of travel but you could often find the spawn 2-3 screens from where it came in.


    If something like that could be done that would be great. Make the world as dynamic as possible.

    So not always you find same things on same places. Make the exploratory requirements more pronounced. 🙂

    It would be amazing if spawn locations moved depending on human migration, where settlements are made, or where humans hunt more often (animals run away). But even if migration is random it would also be great.


    Fixed spawn really makes things easier, but it is still hard to remember exact locations of each mob... I know I have a hard time retracking where I found out the animals in the first place.

    Having an ability to create marks on a map would be a different story that should work really well.

    In UO, they tried to do dynamic ecosystems but that backfire heavily... basically, rabbits had no value to kill, and wolves would eat rabbits, so the population would regulate itself. When they turned the servers online, players simply killed every single one of both races, and even when spawning more of those the ecosystem never returned to what they had originally planned. So we need a proper way of creating any kind of dynamic spawn

    (Video of Ulitma Online's ecosystem



    I don't see why spawn locations can't "migrate". Ore spawns in UO were made random toward the end when I played. I don't see why they can't make creature spawns happen tied to terrain type and randomize the actual location. Randomize the spawn timers as well.

    On players wiping out spawns, if the player pop is large spawns on animals and resources will be taxed just like in the real world. Other games I played the world looked like scorched earth because spawn rates were too low. It was a way to limit resources but what it really does is limit player fun and activity. If you constantly have to fight hardcore players who have all the spawn timers written down, as a casual player you will give up on the game. Casual players are very necessary to a game's health because they usually make up the bulk of the player base.


    The workaround I'm finding easiest is to use dandelions in two of the enchanting slots. That's usually easy enough if the other reagents all have at least lvl 2 of their respective modifiers. When we're on to the higher level enchanting, of course, that's going to be harder and saving up rabbits' feet will be mission critical 😉

    Meanwhile, just kill every one u see and enjoy lots of rabbit dinners!

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