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    Hello all!

    I come from Chronicles of Elyria, a MMO that promised a lot of things. Very siimilar to fractured. But that recently closed after like 5 years of development without giving anything at the end.

    I was simply wondering, with no bad intent, how good is this studio and have they delivered anything yet? Are they trustworthy? Again no bad intent, just want to make sure before getting excited πŸ™‚


    Hey Sky! Welcome!

    I've been following Fractured for over 1 year now. Back then it was just a promising concept. What I've witnessed of the Studio and the Devs is:

    They are a small italian team, they are active on the forums, they put out roadmaps and do their best to stick to it. They have a sober aproach on what is possible and are responsible in getting to the roadmap milestones.

    There's been a few delays and that normal for any development but they've aways been transparent about what was going on and what was wrong!

    Very good in my opinion. I was an early pratreon and I'm very happy on what has already been delivered.

    If you are considering to buy a founder pack or something like this I strongly advise you to go to the main page and read the articles on the news tab in chronologic order. Then watch the Q&A videos on the tab videos. I Garantee you'll have a good idea of what to expect!


    Come to the AMA tomorrow 1pm EST Sunday 3/29/2020


    Heya and Welcome!


    Hi @Skydragon & WELCOME!

    You got burned after a long relationship w that game - I don't blame you one bit for being wary about a similar situation.

    Each of us is assessing our own willingness to trust/risk based on previous experiences. My previous experiences are LOTS of freemium games run by whales who have way more $$ & time than anyone should have, and are NOT nice people you want to spend the day with.

    For me, it's worth dropping what I'd have spent in a year on one of those games to have even a CHANCE to play something more in keeping with my own preferences. In the end, you'll make your own decision, but I hope you'll stick around.

    I won an alpha key for this test and I'm having real fun even if I don't know wtf I'm doing


    @Oxfurd said in Coming from CoE:

    Come to the AMA tomorrow 1pm EST Sunday 3/29/2020

    With COE so fresh in everyone's might as well lead with this question.

    No shame in asking how the company is doing financially and can they deliver.

    For me personally, they have been slow on a few promised things but overall great in communication and design of the game itself.


    @PedroBillyMattos Will do! Thank you evry much πŸ™‚


    @PeachMcD I am very scared of getting another dissapointment hahahaha. Having an alpha is great news (More than CoE ever delivered lol) so I will stick and think about it πŸ˜„


    LetΒ΄s see together what the outcome finally is! ;-))


    Hello Skydragon!



    @Skydragon Hello and welcome aboard

    Well ofc there are no guarantees but this game seems very promising. The devs are pretty good at communication, they have a realistic roadmap and are pretty much on time with stuff and when they are not they let us know why. Also they have secured funding beyond their initial Kickstarter and subsequent sales.

    Its like starting a relationship again after a breakup. Sometimes you just have to, in the immortal words of Roxette 'take a listen to your heart'.


    Welcome to Fractured!
    I'm a CoE backer as well, so I guess I can give you a bit of a comparison there if you want.
    First and most important, there is never a warranty that a game makes it to release. Even AAA studios fail more often than you might think (you're just less often to read about it). If you want to be 100% adamant sure that there's going to be a game, you'll have to wait even a few month after release to see how things are going, that's the price you'd have to pay in order to prevent a broken heart.
    That said, there are a couple core differences between CoE and Fractured. There are plenty of investors for Fractured, so they didn't need to live of their Kickstarter funding. Fractured's scope is far less ambitious (and hence far more likely). Fractured has had delays and issues in development, but we're talking like 3 month behind schedule there, so I guess comparing this to CoE you'd kind of laugh. There is a game in testing right now, played by hundreds of people, yes, it's still rough, no, it is nowhere near finished, but it is miles from a single player parkour run.
    There'd be more points, but that would get too long of a posting, so if you have specific questions, feel free to ask.


    @Logain Great point !

  • I am jumping straight into this game, even bought A2 access.

    Look out for Thearyn in this πŸ˜›


    Welcome πŸ™‚

  • TF#5 - LEGATE

    Hey and welcome

  • TF#10 - CONSUL


    I'll be honest with you, you'll have to wait a while before full release. However, if timing isn't so much an issue for you I think you'll find Fractured has a great group of dedicated & active devs that are passionate about making their vision become a reality.

    If it helps, I'm a pretty big skeptic when it comes to stuff like this and still dropped like $320 on Eternal (something I pretty much never do)πŸ™‚


    @Recoil said in Coming from CoE:

    (...) you'll have to wait a while before full release(...)

    That was a main part of the problem with CoE though. Telling people the game would release in a year and a half, then nothing, telling people the game would now release in 2 more years and again nothing tangible (other then 'web events' and a parkour single player demo at the very end). The Fractured roadmap told people flat out they'd have to wait for a good while and there is a 'basic game' to test right now (with Alpha 2 access).

    That said, I fully understand the issues CoE had, as it is far, far easier to display curated content than it is to display procedural generated content in what people consider a reasonable amount of time.


    Hi! Welcome! πŸ™‚

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