Beta and Alpha Tests - Confused here

  • Hey, so I really wanted to be a part of all the public testing that goes on, but I understand you need a founder pack. The problem is, I'm confused over which pack unlocks all testing for me. Since the descriptions list only 1 type of testing. I didn't want to assume anything and regret it so here I am lol.


    The description is accurate and I'm not sure what you mean by type of testing. I assume you mean Alpha or Beta.

    It starts with Alpha then moves on to Beta and each are separated by numerical values, starting at 1. Once you have access to a prior testing phase, it means you have access to all future testing phases as well.

    Alpha 1 is completed. We're in Alpha 2. Alpha 2 (or Alpha 1) access means you currently have access to testing and will access to every other testing phases.

    If you have access to Beta X, you'll have to wait until Beta X starts.


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    bro just follow the link. if you want Alpha test access which I believe we still in, get the LEGEND and if you wanna wait a bit and wanna have access to the Beta then get MASTER pack.


    I've never been patient enough to be an alpha tester. I much prefer the playable version of beta lol.


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    If you buy the alpha pack you have access top the game now and you have access too the game whenever the beta comes out as well the higher the cost the more the acess you get

  • I posted something along these lines as well. Apparently confusion is unacceptable in these forums and will result in name calling / flaming. Here is the best description you will get on the phases of the Alpha/Beta which is in the FAQ on the Store page.

    "The development of Fractured is split into 4 periods of time, called development phases (or cycles). In chronological order, they’re named Alpha 1, Alpha 2, Beta 1, Beta 2. The current development cycle is Alpha 2.

    Within each development phase, multiple tests are run, with some downtime between each. More info on the topic can be found below."


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    @Jestyr24 said in Beta and Alpha Tests - Confused here:

    I posted something along these lines as well. Apparently confusion is unacceptable in these forums and will result in name calling / flaming.

    If you feel flamed or name called, report it to the Mods.
    But generalizing the forum this way isn't really fair, isn't it? πŸ˜›


    @Jestyr24 - It's true that the jerque ratio on this forum runs at about 11%. Just like in real life 😏
    The big difference is the anonymity people have while being jerques. That's why, when I'm confused, I'll try searching the forum and the site for info before I ask a question that's easy to get the answer for someplace else. Why invite the jerques to feel smarter than they are, right? πŸ––

    It's also why, when I see someone ask a question that's easy to answer someplace else, I'll just ignore it, or share the link. making someone feel stupid is a cheap thrill I don't usually need.

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