Stress Test Server Issues


    Seen this happen on a server using single threads to transfer packet data, was not spartial os though.
    The solution they found was to multi thread the packet data so it dosent get a backlog (and essentially ddos its self)


    Nice to see the community sharing their experiences.
    It hopefully helps to spot the problem.

    Cross my fingers for you.


    Bummed about the connection issues, but it is Alpha and issues are to be expected. Was able to complete the character creation and I see a lot of improvement in that piece. Looking forward to when the issues are resolved

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    I can’t log into the server, the error says that my character ID 3873 is already logged in to the server, but I don’t play and I’m in the initial menu. I haven’t been waiting for 20 minutes 😞

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    Due to ongoing issues the devs have decided to end the stress test early. Prometheus is going to write an update tomorrow. Right now they're waiting for the SpatialOS engineers to look into it. After the issues have been fixed, the devs will host another stress test. Hopefully before Christmas, but they can't make any promises.


    @Prometheus said in Stress Test Server Issues:

    The only anomalous metric is memory usage by the runtime which about 20-30 minutes after the issue starts manifesting jumps up and eats up all the RAM of the deployment. That happens when the deployment is already FUBAR though, likely because of the crazy amount of messages queued up.

    Sounds like a java/jvm memory management optimization issue 😄 Sounds like what it would do if something was accruing in the memory's younger generation without ever getting properly gc'd. Once it hits a certain threshold you get exponential diminishing returns as the underlying process spends most of its time trying to figure how to deal with its allocated memory space.

    Feels to me like something on the spatialos side.


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