List of general problems and bugs

  • TF#3 - ENVOY

    Long list of stuff from alpha 2 test 1 that needs to be fixed.

    •target hit box is super small and needs fixing making dagger unplayable at the moment why not have it so you can target certain mob but with skill shots you still need to be in proper place is fine to hit it. With arcane missiles I shouldn’t have to mouse through a mob group and hope I get the right one when it a clear target ability not skill shot.

    •when we hit enter to chat in global chat items disappear at a fast pace from our inventory

    •when creating house and click on blue spot that needs material character walks to it and stops and makes you click same action twice

    •constant moonwalking facing the wrong way when I’m trying to attack mobs

    •when walking with cart you have to hit q to release then you can attack mobs please have it so you can use ability and cart auto releases from you so you can fight right away

    •party or group feature needed permissions on housing needed every player shouldn’t have to make there own house which is very big problem

    •make gathering more rewarding like the more wood or stone you gather the more return you get give a reason for gatherers to exist right now everyone is just as good at gathering as the other making people that focus it useless

    •multiple bugs placing furniture down in houses and around houses

    •kiting mobs is clunky and utter garbage

    •mob spawns should not be almost on top of housing areas and Aggro you while your inside the house running through your walls and killing you

    There’s definitely bunch more but can’t think of at moment and didn’t want this to go too long which it already is


  • DymStudios - CEO

    All bugs reported fixed in version a212

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