[A2-1]Day 1 Gameplay

  • TF#5 - LEGATE

    Hello everyone, I'm Putio and I'm kinda back... or not really. Why I'm doing this post then? Just in the mood of sharing my experience with the community I guess. Back to the topic.
    Someone might remember me for my report of Alpha1-Test1. I changed my job and moved to live with my GF so I couldn't experience other tests scheduled until now. I'm also going to be "AFK" for a trip to Milan for 5 days so do not expect more reports 'cause I'm not sure if there will be.

    So Far So GooD
    Stepping back into the game from A1-T1 it was a pleasure finding so many new things to deal with. Despite the game appear to be same, it's really taking his shape.
    I started with the Arcanist preset, wondering around for almost 3 hours. I managed to kill every kind of living essence i bumped in and i had to say that been a mage comes pretty usefull despite being a "Low Level", with a well-done kiting skill.
    It might get pretty boring, running around in circle evading creatures, so if u don't find it stimulating just go for a physical preset, but get ready to get kicked.

    I maxed my knowledge on wolfs, and I have to say that despite it ain't very usefull I think I might have maxed out too quickly. So i want to suggest to slow down the knowledge points you get from killing creatures. This will surely slow the gameplay but unless you have tons of different creatures to grind to max their knowledge, wont let players bursting the game.
    I also unlocked a skill from Giant Spiders, but i will not learn it since it's a physical skill and right know i'm tryng to develop(remember we are not levelling) a mage oriented charcter.

    Exploration Tips
    Be sure to always carry 5 to 6 small rocks, as you might need to rest anytimes if u don't check your status frequently.
    Always carry a couple of meats to cook on your campfire. You won't stop at every berry brush or potato plant to fill your stomach. Once your satiety is half empty and became yellow you will start to loose Life. Yet I suggest to lower the satiety you get from eating raw and wild food, and also adding a poisonus percentrage.
    As you start explorng be sure to grab some fibres to craft some Linen cloths and stock some Bandages, they will come in hand once you are fighting. I want to suggets to prevent using Bandages while in combat... too easy
    I would also suggest to grab some Bitterleaves and one of the 3 reagents to craft some Hebral Remedys, but right know it dosen't clean your poison.

    Combat Tips
    Be sure to always let Magic Missiles shoot 5 bolt before moving or you will shoot less, lowering your damge output and wasting tons of mana.
    Don't fight bears, giant spinders or goblin trappers with additional creatures, gonna be hard.

    As the gameplay might seems the same of the A1-T1 while wondering around, right now you have way more goals to purse and exploration to aknowledge, also you can develop your character in your own way, experiencing more attachment.

    I really hope to find time to play more on this version of the game, but as i said, i' not sure i can. Also hope this post might gives you, fellows MMO enthusiast, an idea of what you will find and have to deal with, as soon as you step into the game, and what huge progress the devs have done shaping the core of this Game.
    Greating, Putio.

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    Your suggestion on the slowing down gameplay with the knowledge system gave me an idea.

    What about having a soft cap on knowledge for things? Like say you hit max on wolves, but then go hunt goblins for a few days. While you're out hunting goblins, you're "forgetting" about wolves, so your knowledge on them slowly drains to be like 75% or so. That way your character stays fresh on the things that they're constantly doing while growing rusty on things they haven't done in a while.

  • DymStudios - CEO

    Thank you @Putio! The game might look the same on the surface, but there's a lot more to do compared to A1 indeed 🙂

    Hope you'll have some more chances to play - this test is going to last for 2 weeks at least, so there's time. You'll find useful mage spells in Heartwood and the Goblin Hills, but actually the ones you already got from the Giant Spider (Cobweb and Entangling Web) are Arcane spells - they can be used only with cloth/light armor etc, so totally for "mages" 🙂

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