[Alpha2-1] Wood Logs and Stones Blocks despawn after an half hour


    I am noticed about first time, when i cutted three Trees to build my cart, but was distracted by Bug reports and when i wanted to pick them up, they was gone.

    I watched the stone blocks i placed a bit later and they despawned, when the Rocks beside them respawned.

    Since it was placed outside of claim, i tested same with Logs and Blocks placed on my claim.
    But they despawn aswell after a half hour.

    Is this intended?


    I do believe that was the timer in UO also. As long as you interacted with the item then it reset the timer.


    @Kralith Actually I was thinking the same after my stones disapiered from my yard yesterday. I was not sure is it a bug or feature.. 🙂 However, after that I have kept logs and stones inside the cart, It seams stuff are safe in there.


    @Tuoni i am believing it is a feature.

    And actually i like the feature, if the Trees would regrow faster 😄 😄

    I think it is a good thing to keep the area clean and the serverload as low as possible.
    But i think it starts to be the time to announce new (and redesigned) features for each patch.
    Yes it is more work, but litterally, at the time you change it, you must write a changelog.
    Give these log entrys a flag for being in patchnotes, whenever it is a change that is in public interest.
    Then you easily can write a little script, that put all entries of this flag into a changelog.

    I would be glad to read even a long changelog.
    Would make my testing more consistent, because i also can watch these changes and test if they work 😉

    P.S. I was reading now latest patchnotes too. I was happy to see, because of what i wrote above, that Prometheus seems to know well how to do his job.
    For a small studio surely a big task to make us all satisfied.

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