Thoughts from playing as mage


    • Couldn't set attributes, so had to go with default
    • I like that I can see more information on what attributes do
    • Starting out with a limited spell set and gear is cool
    • Knowledge pane is interesting, but I saw no mage goals for new spells, or any other kinds of abilities, or any way to even unlock simply knowledge of what might come next (did I miss something?); I had nothing to spend points on
    • I did have fun scouring the map for things I hadn't discovered yet
    • I like how you get more information on mobs as you kill them
    • Would like to be able to study corpses instead of looting them
    • The firebolt is a good, bread-n-butter spell
    • I fought one goblin, and it kept auto-healing to full, which was very annoying (I just gave up); in general, I don't like mobs healing themselves
    • Combat was frustrating in general, simply due to the interface: I really want to be able to target something and then just hit keys to attack it (like Albion)
    • It's nearly impossible to cast a spell on something north of you in melee range
    • Fighting near anything on the map you can click on is really bad, a right-click-to-move option that ignored clicking on anything on the map would help a lot
    • Clicking on things in general is extremely frustrating: there's a context issue of some kind that makes clicks not work the first time
    • The crafting pane remembers what tab you had previously selected, but the contents revert to default
    • I wish the staff was considered a mage-friendly weapon
    • I crafted quite a few different items, but didn't seem to get any knowledge from it
    • I didn't try building yet, but I did see floating fences on some claims 🙂
    • I like how plots are visible on the mini-map now
    • I did experience items disappearing
    • Oh, and I did craft some floating campfires 🙂


    • You can't click on something you're standing over. Would be nice if your avatar were ignored for the purposes of picking stuff up or clicking on an enemy.


    Am wondering how knowledge points are distributed if multiple players attack the same mob. Does only the player who scores the killing blow get anything?


    Completed 100% wolf knowledge, but that didn't unlock any potential abilities. 😞

    Tried soloing one of the goblins that heals itself, using a hammer to stun while I got its damage down with firebolt, and it didn't do any good: it just kept full-healing itself. That mechanic feels cheesy. 😞

    On the plus side, the trapper goblins were more interesting. 🙂 At least I could kill those!

    Anyway, I don't see anything I can unlock further, so kind of a bummer. I don't like running around aimlessly hoping the next thing I do will prove to be the magic piece of the puzzle.


    Oh, it also occurred to me that while seeing all a wolf's stats is cool, I didn't notice any in-game effect: my toon didn't get any better at fighting wolves.

    While it might be nice as the first person to get 100% knowledge of hard-to-find mob X, once it's done and posted to the internet (which is probably inevitable), is there incentive for anyone else to make that a goal?

  • DymStudios - CEO

    @Roccandil thank you for your detailed feedback!

    Wolves and bears now have abilities too, and in the future there are going to be more creatures roaming the world you can learn abilities from.

    The next patch is going to introduce some QOL improvements to combat such as your own character no longer intercepting clicks, stay tuned!

    As for items disappearing, how did that happen?

  • Wiki Editor

    Fighting near anything on the map you can click on is really bad, a right-click-to-move option that ignored clicking on anything on the map would help a lot

    This was completely infuriating to me in the Heartwood where clickable objects is very dense. I just gave up since every time I tried to kite something or run after it, I'd end up gathering branches or some other plant.

    Also the chat box needs an option for hiding it, since it too gets in the way and covers the entire lower left corner. Oh, same for the stuff in the upper left (life, mana, etc) - can't target through it.

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