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    Planning on going mage light armor build any suggestions on proper point placement To make this type of build more effective. Let me know what you all think thanks.



    the game is in early development, not all skills are in. not all the content is in. there is no right nor wrong answer at this point.


    For Alpha 1 I went with STR/PER/INT/COS at 18 and DEX/CHA at 6, Which seemed for the limited skills available and the lack of damage in the physical department the way to go. Max damage on 2 "Mage" skills and using other skills waiting for CD to wear off, rinse and repeat.

    For alpha 2 we do not know which skills and how many there will be available, we also know that at least they made some adjustments to the effect of those points (DEX gives no crit change anymore) So I would suggest trying different set-ups combined with the available skills. Beta 1 and 2 might give totally other outcomes.

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    @Yitra Did the 6s give any penalties that you noticed. Not sure if attack speed affects casting speed and no idea what luck does yet.

  • @kellewic luck affects CC (devs stated that crit CC doesn´t give longer CC status, but luck affects it somehow)


    @kellewic Hard to say, I didn't do much PvP, for PvE I didn't feel it was hindering me.

    Regarding CC (luck) those black spiders used a web, which was annoying, but as a caster, I didn't need to be close to the target. And if he came close I could also use my physical weapon skills. The -12% "save trap" from DEX at 6 was corrected by the +12% from PER at 18. All in all not bad for me.


    Depending on which school of spells you want to focus on, you will need different attributes to pull out the most out of those spells.


    For example for what we could call a "classic mage" (or Invocation School in Fractured) bring up INT as much as possible. Then check out which secondary school you would like to mix in (check out that spotlight) and select that attribute to bring up next.

    For example if you want to mix in DIVINATION for utility (alongside your destructive INVOCATION spells), alongside INT, bring up PERCEPTION as well.

    Whatever is left over, it is smart to spend on some CONSTITUTION, since this is a full loot PvP MMO, and unless you will opt to play only on Arboreus, you will need some survvability as well.

    At least this is what I would do as "mage"... INVOCATION + DIVINATION schools, giving me destruction and utility.

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