Healing (spells / potions) with casting time?

  • Just a question about healing - especially during pvp.
    Will healing spells and health potions have some "casting time" - like will it take at least half a second to drink it, so enemy has chance to disrupt it ? In Guild wars 2 you had heal on low cd, but it had casting time, so you could be dazed / stunned etc. and the disrupted skill got few seconds of cd, so you could finish the opponent.
    I know it´s just alpha, but in streams i saw duel of two guys with spears in hide armor who merely scratched each other and with uninterruptable bottles they could continue fighting until one got out of health potions; i´m sure numbers (damage / defence) will be tweaked, but how much time do you expect duels to take? One hit kills doesn´t seem fun, but neither does fight of two restoration druids in WoW. Thank you.


    I would hope that different types of builds will have some debuff skills which when placed on player (unless he has ability to purge those) reduce an amount of healing done to him by certain percent (lets say 50%).

    So if you are able to debuff a player like that (that skill would be important to learn and use for your pvp builds), then even healing potions would be only half as good for him.

    Alos that would bring up an importance of having cleansing spells yourself, which in turn would let you have less other type of spells on your skill bar, so more tactics involved overall.

    If I would have to guess, there will be different type of potions and healing type spells, some with cast time, some instant heals over time, maybe potions too, so heal over time potions will exist...

    Maybe also, purge skills will exist, so you will be able to purge buffs of enemy player if you have that skill, maybe heal over time effects as well.

    Variety of spells is always good. Tactics and thought will be more important, the greater variety of spells exist.


    i expect most characters to have some type of self heal ability. either direct cast, self cast, leech, etc. unless you're always in a group you'll need some survival outside of (whatever camp or so).


    @asspirin One thing is for sure. No Resto Druid duels:

    MrTimo said in Healing:

    How is healing going to work in pvp vs pve? Will there be alot of different cleansing spells, buffs, etc...

    There won't be any differences between PvP and PvE. We'd like to create a balanced system giving you cooldowns and mana costs that won't allow to spam healings. For example, there will be "consumable spells" that will use your HP as a cost 🙂

  • Let´s just hope bandages and remedies will have at least 30 secs cooldown, co they can be only used on emergency, not every 5 secs for no cost, so every DOT build is worthless and healing spells don´t have reason.

  • So far Bandages and Herbal Rem only recover Endurance not health. Though i found Health Paste from Goblin but no way to use it.

  • @Tero-Kaze Imo problem is the Endurance is your actual health and Health itself has no use at all until devs finetune the health/endurance system. I´ll survive with 1000 endurance and 1 health, but at 1 endurance im dead and I can have 1000 000 000 health, still i lost. And bandages seem to OP (no cast time, short CD, no mana costs and easily to create large number of bandages / remedies - why would i use spells to recover endurance, when bandages can do it more often for free?).

    And when we discuss "health: as "blood magic" was mentioned many times, but has no own magic school - was however mentioned in description of Necromancy school, so i guess its just type of ability that uses casters health instead of mana. Is Second wind blood magic ability then, or can we find blood magic spells only in Necromancy?

    In case blood magic offered offensive spells as well, would INT be main stat for purposes of chance to hit / damage calculation of the ability, or would it be for example CON ? And if so, will warriors be able to cast blood magic spells in armour otherwise not allowing you to cast spells (medium/heavy)?

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