How are resources going to be spread out? Will it vary on population or is it pre-set. Is this something that will matter more in beta than in alpha? Also, is there going to be a population cap difference per world?


    @MrTimo I think the Human world is going to be the largest landmass, IIRC.
    Resources are spread out some you can only find in certain locations/planets

    I cant see why they would cap the population, if the servers are to crowded they may add queues
    Its likely Resources will be fine tuned a lot more in beta then they will in alpha.


    I've seen some contradictory information while researching this when I saw the reply. After researching "land mass" I have seen these posts

    *We know only that Arboreus will be bigger than Syndesia. Syndesia will be bigger than tartaros.

    *the initial planets will be generated but will remain static after that.

    *planets will be procedurally generated then will remain static. We'll have Asteroids as procedurally generated content. DS hasn't explained it well so that's about all we know.
    It was mentioned that the planets will be just regular square/rectangle maps and not real spheres.

    *Based on answers given in the past, once the lands are all claimed, the game will generate more land or plots that can be claimed. we know what the real answer is?


    Planets will be procedurally generated? To what degree?


    i thought i read/heard that resources would be specific to different planets but no power difference, maybe just aesthetics. i thought i remember reading that stone would be abundant on Tartaros but scarce on the beast planet.


    Most resources will be aesthetically different, but some resources will also be unique to the planet they are found, for example animal bones from Tartaros will not be gatherable on other planets. This is so traveling (at least by part of people who will transfer goods) remain mandatory.

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