Any chance of integrating "Ulti" spells / abilities?

  • Considering Fractured is called "game with moba gameplay with freedom of MMO", are there planned any Ultimate abilities / spells ( long cooldown but big impact on fight)? Literally every MMO has them (Dota, Lol, Smite...), newer MMOs as well (Guild Wars 2, The Elder Scrolls online). Could be regular skill, that would get 4th lvl, or maybe you would have to unlock all the talents from it´s respective stat to gain the spell - just like constellations in TESO (passive skills) or Grim Dawn (both passive and active). Also advancement can be horizontal like items in Team Fortress 2 - skills would improve one stat / ability / resist / grant new something, but reducing / disabling something else (little like quirks in Wasteland2) - this wouldn´t make your character outright stronger but "more specialized" - while it IS min maxing, you might get some cons as well to compensate possible advantages.
    Im writing this only because the other isometrical MMO i played (Albion Online) felt too empty with too few skills, no passives (i know you would get some low bonuses depending on armor / weapon, but if you compare AO to Grim Dawn, the latter has like 1000x more customization and after 2 hours of learning and thinking up the build AO became just grind fest and gankfest (not including equipment, then we couldn´t even compare those two).
    Long story short, please make is as customizable as possible, so everyone can be unique. Thank you.

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    @asspirin Probably not so much ultimates in that regard. The goal is that the power curve is fairly flat. Variety, on the other hand, is a big thing with the game. Passives and ultimates tend to drive higher and higher power curves in those games, which is the opposite of intent. Knowledge and variety of skills is intended, in my understanding, to be what offsets that (alongside play goals that may be more than combat focused).

    Of course, stats having an impact means that some specialization will be useful at the least. The game is supposed to have well over 100 skills, so some mixing and matching is highly likely.

    It might be possible that they could put in compound advantage/disadvantage stuff at some point, although there is already some of that with the racial stats.


    I think (hope) focus of combat will be on deck design and playing skills, designing builds for various scenarios and learning to use them efficiently.

    I personally hope there will be no "ultimate" abilities of any kind.

  • @Jairone Fair enough. However I hope there won´t be 100 but 400 abilities as promised.


    I'm all up for additional customizability and options, the more-the merrier.

    But all is in due it's time, the dev team isn't that big to be doing several things at the same time.


    metas will exist in a pvp game. even on the pve side the best dps build will be found and used.

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