General questions I couldnt find.

  • How many characters are we going to have? Does having alts affect anything? Is there any account progression or is everything tied to one character (cosmetics, achievements, etc). Sorry if these questions have been asked to death. My motivatioin to look was partially quelled by the requirement to make a post for the points, but my honesty wasn't at least :).


    @Melivant I could be wrong, but i think you get 3 character slots and if you want to, you can buy more. People have posted about this a few times, but not neccissarily in related topics, so it could prove hard to find. It has been a while since i have seen anything related to this though, so i could be wrong.

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    You'll have basically three character slot, after you can have additional slots with pledges packs. I don't know if you have an account progression, but I think it would be more tied to the character. And what do you mean by alts affecting anything ? ^^


    He might be asking something along the lines of SWTOR. In that game you can achieve on tasks that open up bonuses for your other characters.

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    @Farlander Oh, I see. I don't think there will be that either. But I might be wrong, that would not be the first time x)


    If I'm not mistaken, and, of course, if it doesn't change in any way, you can have 3 character slots by default. You can then have more character slots by buying higher level tier pack, and most likely you will be able to purchase extra character lots in cash shop later independently.

    Each character will have it's own progression (knowledge, skills, game play related character abilities), but cosmetics purchased in cash shop (or through tiers) will be account bound.

    Also you will be able to have one house on each planet, so if you want more houses, it's convenient to have alts of different race, as your evil aligned demon will not be able to reside on Arboreus, so you will need a beast character if you want house there as well.

  • Awesome, thanks! And i was actually thinking something of like a mix of SWTOR with the family progress, but also BDO with their household progress and such. It would be great to have some sort of value gained from having successful alts. Thanks for all the responses though, i appreciate the answers.

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