Is there a finite amount of Knowledge Points?


    It seems you can get knowledge points by exploring, fighting, item identifying and consuming relics. I was wondering if there is a max cap on the amount of knowledge points you can get by consuming relics or will there be enough in game by that point to fill out the entire knowledge skill tree either way? Are there many varieties of relics that can only give their bonus one time or can you use the same ones and they are just very hard to obtain?

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    Not sure if we have any info about that, but I think there should be enough KP to learn all there is to learn in the game, since honestly I think that's the main objective of this game, exploration, earning knowledge, learn all about the world ^^

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    I asked that question a while ago and this was Prometheus's answer:


    @prometheus said in Feature Spotlight #3 - The Knowledge System:

    KP from exploration and bestiary discoveries are limited (with obvious jumps when we add new areas / creatures), but those from item identification and relics aren't! So in the end they are unlimited, but the bulk comes from exploration and discoveries.

    Well. imho everything should be infinite so our engame wouldnt END.


    So then the question becomes, how long would it be assumed to take to unlock the whole skill tree? Is it like a year long event or could someone focused do it reasonably in a week? Just wondering for a frame of reference.

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    @wandererthelost I guess that depends on the player dedication and maybe some luck as well. Skills need to be discovered first before learned, to discover a skill you need to travel arround the world exploring, somehow along the way you're sure to discover some skills, but each skill has it's own way of how to discover it, so with some luck you can somehow explore the right places to discover the skills and learn them all somehow quick, or you can even have bad luck and never go to the right places to discover them.
    Anyway this will only be in the begining of the game, as soon as people start learning the places to discover them, the news will spread and people will learn from each others ^^


    That type of thing kind of determines if the game is built around doing mostly end game things like Guild Wars 2 or is about the journey to the end game like most others. Either way, the game systems seems pretty in depth and if they can keep balance they way they are trying to, this game has a lot of promise. I was just wondering which of the game types it will fall into though.


    it would be intresting

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    From Vengu's link, the most important part is that the "infinite" parte might lead to a lil bit of grind in the end, but since the "bulk" of the KP come from exploration, most of us should be just fine in learning what we want without having to go and "farm" them... Or at least that's what i read from it 🙂

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    @wandererthelost I don´t think there will be an end-game in fractured, I mean from the begining to the end what you will be doing is exploration, traveling, learning... To be able to get whatever you want in the game, first you need to do those 3 things at least, that will be the main purpose of the game since the very begining, so the only end-game I can see here is when you have learned every single thing you have to learn about the world, but to do that you will need to learn not only your planet but also the other 2, and to be able to go to the other 2 planets it's not an easy deal either. Also I'm pretty sure the devs will keep adding more content to the game as times goes on, so I don´t see some1 having learnt all 100% of the game 😛


    The more I read about the game, the more I have been thinking that if they have it balanced so that new players are able to do most of the things older players can from balancing, it could be argued that everything is end game content. That kind of makes me wonder if the rest of the game is just resource hording and pvp.


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