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    A list of ideas & features for things we hear or see / want to see in/about Fractured to help the devs make choices for the game based around what the community wants & doesnt want in the game

    • if you dont have an idea or feature keep your opions to yourself i & alot of gamers dont go to forums to be nit picked & bullied by Forum elitist QQ some other place please


    @Allie i would like PvP mini games eg 5v5 arenas & small scale fights like 12v12 capture resourse. no full loot for the mini games as i & i bet lots of people would like to PvP with out fear of losing their gear or in game punishments or having to roam open world for PvP as i might just log on for an hour but still have the option to do some fast pace PvP with my friends or guildies without a huge time commitment, other bonus of PvP mini games is it give the PvP community to pool the player base on off peak server times, nothing worse then logging on to a game & not being able to play due to off peak hours/ow server populations


    @Allie I would like to see skins for each section of armor not just full 1 piece skins as its alot of fun swapping out looks of different bits to make an over all bad ass looking char eg Path of Exile


    @Allie i would like a bounty system so we can put KOS quests with rewards of other players & guilds


    @Allie i would like to see captial city sieges like in Warhammer online as it was awesome to try to kill the leaders of the other factions


    @Allie i would like to see a zone capture/keep defence system like in Warhammer online as it was super fun trying to take zones & defend areas of your nations from warbands trying to get to your captial & beable to fight over & control areas for the passive taxes & resources you could gain from holding a zone


    @Allie i would like to see a sight based fog of war on players/creatures as i dont want to beable to see every player/creature on my screen if they are past a certian distance or have broken LOS, could increase sight distance based on passives & skills/armor


    @Allie i would like to see day/night cycles with fog & mist in the air, weather cycles eg rain/snow/dust storms which would effect sight radius so differents zones/areas have a different ambient feel to them


    I would like to see:

    • Edit their old post instead of spamming multiple comments

    • Make a list instead of a lot of comments

    • Read the news and infos we have before talkin about features they would like to see

    • Not saying "I want this and that like in game this and that" because most players will not know that game, so explainig the feature in detail would be a lot better and enable people to talk about it

    • Referencing what information we have, like... "I have seen that Fractured has a Night and Day cycle, but it would be also cool if we could get weather cycles which would..." so we can understand better what feature you think is missing

    If you want to do this ( -> "Can we start to make a list of Pros & Cons about things we hear or see / want to see in/about Fractured to help the devs make choices for the game based around what the community wants & doesnt want in the game." ), then the community needs to be able to talk about that Pro / Con. Now if you spam a lot of Pros / Cons into a single thread and people start talking about different aspects, it is going to get real messy real fast.

    What you could do, is open up a new topic for every Pro / Con / feature / aspect of the game you want to talk about, like other people have done so far, and reference them in here, as an overview / collection (but please in one comment 😂 ).


    @Eurav Derp your post was not helpful thanks for the QQ tho


    @Eurav fyi TLDR posts are dumb & a pain most ppl irl just want to post/comment then move on/scan comments not full TLDR posts, reserve TLDR post/replys for indepth fleshing out not the mind mapping ideas stage

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    @Allie said in Pros & Cons:


    I like to read well written and formatted posts.
    I don't think Eurav did wrong to suggest you to write all in one post, because it is hard to get the right context when you split off all in separates posts.
    Also i don't think it really fits usual forum rules. Even it is not written into our Forum Rules, but it could get considered as Spam.

    In my Opinion, your splitting Posts makes no sense and makes the whole thing "dumb & a pain" (quoting you) to read.

    Beside this, your Thread Theme don't fit your content.
    It should more called "Thoughts about your wishes".
    "Pros & Cons" about what you want to discuss? If their Vision is good or not?
    We discussed such things a plenty of time.
    About real features that are shown up ingame we can not discuss yet, but it will come once Alpha1 is started.

    Also in my opinion i think we should not overload them with tousands of ideas of other games, because they have a line they want to follow. So let them do that and don't start to demand features you want to see, before you know what features you will get.
    This behaviour screwed much other games, when Developer started to listen too much to their community.

    If you just want to discuss features about other games and if you like or don't like them, then it is an offtopic thing and this thread should get moved to this forum section 😛

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    @Allie Could you please keep your comments in one post instead of multiposting. This thread would look a lot better that way. 😉


    @Specter no dont really care how it looks & non elitist dont really care either, didnt realise this game was going to be fulled with ppl that nit pick & bullie forums


    @Kralith thxs for the QQ noted

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    I'm locking this. Nothing good is coming from it. 🔒


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