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  • I could be wrong/ haven't found another info, but so far it looks that int will be a high required stat because of the learning and knowledge system, but what if we had 2 stats for it. Int and one for us chose based on what kind of character we want. Ofc, this would make more sense because of physical and non-int related magic, but with so far the stats will go, using only one of 6 stats is almost a waste

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    From what I understand low Intelligence stat may cause slower learning and less versatility on-the-spot.
    And to explain that:

    • Slower learning -> switching stuff from discovered to learned will take some more time
    • Less versatility -> Intelligence will affect the number of skills that can be memorized. It does not mean you will have less skills in your hotbar. It means you will have less skills to choose from when out of combat (and out of resting phase). Here is a quote from here:
      "spells in your hotbar are the only ones you can actually cast. At any time when out of combat, however, you can take an ability out of the hotbar and replace it with a memorized one of your choice. This operation is not restricted as resting phases are – it’s enough you aren’t in the middle of the action "

    So not as much as required, more likely preferred when planning to learn a lot of skills at the same time.
    I see it like that:
    Mages are squishy, they need to be able to adapt their hot-bars more often between the fights. In addition there is a lot more magic schools than fighting schools.
    Warriors, Rangers, etc. will more likely spec and specialize in skills connected to their main stats. They will change their hot-bar less often.

    And don't be mistaken, I'm planning a warrior/tank type of character.

    For me Intelligence does not seem as required and must-have as someone may think. It will not stop me from learning everything. It will not limit me in placing the skills I want in my hot-bar...


    I don't want one attribute to give the highest return.

    Eve Online uses 5 attributes and they are ALL required to learn everything. They are paired so that one main attribute isn't used for everything.

    I'd love to see Int used for some spells but not all. Str can be used for weapon knowledge but also Dex.


    Adding to what @Dybuk already said...

    It depends on what you want ur character to bed good at. If you are interested in spell casting (of magic schools) set int to ten, if you want ur character to be good at spell casting (of magic schools) set it higher.

    If you don´t care at all about them magic schools, just put it down to six.

    The slower learning then won´t really matter because you will have a lot less skills to learn which matter to you (because while there are a lot of magic schools there is only ~1 for every "physical class" (ranger, rogue, tank, bersi....). You will then gladly take a bit more dmg / crit / evasion / defense instead of that increased learning speed

    E.g. if you want to go into the hand combat school the main stats are dex and str; now if you want ur character to actually be a bit versatile you then have two choices

    • go with int and add some spells to ur only good at hand combat character
    • go with some other stat which will enable you to have bonis in other schools as well; e.g. take perception for the assassionation and marksman schools (dex and perception)

    Compared to int perception will then increase ur crit, which will help you with ur hand combat style, as well as some other benefits.

    It all depends on what you want your character to be good at 😉


    How about INT being used to faster learn mage knowledge, CHA being used to faster learn support knowledge, STR being used to faster learn melee knowledge, and DEX being used to faster learn ranged attack knowledge?


    @Eurav said in Suggestion: Secondary Learning stat:

    just put it down to six.

    I don't recommend to put 6 in INT (based on all post where INT is the subject), unless you know what you do ! Take care of any malus.

    All other attributes are needed, if you put int too high and you don't play a caster you'll have problem with you're other stat attributes to strike at melee or at ranged attack or to move fast or to regen your life or to be able to take damage ...

    => If you learn "fast" (relatively to what we know, it take probably many month of gameplay) all skills and couldn't use them at fullest it will be damageable.

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