Feature Spotlight #4 - Skills Galore

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    tears of joy flows on my cheeks


    This right here is what got me looking at the game more. The more game play is shown the more interesting a game becomes.

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    This is amazing! Been waiting quite some time to see what the game will look like!


    This post is deleted!

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    @apollo said in Feature Spotlight #4 - Skills Galore:

    I'm really curious how this will all tie in with the crafting side. Can we expect to see similar skill progression there? Will we be able to do both simultaneously or will mastery require focus on one side. Some of the descriptions already show links to effects in crafting, but will crafters be required to go into those few offensive trees?

    To put it briefly, the process of learning crafting recipes is close to ability learning - which was covered here. Therefore, just like with abilities, your character can learn any recipe in the game - you don't have to go into "trees"! We'll have a couple spotlights dedicated to crafting specifically in the future with everything explained in detail :slight_smile:

    @lukezamboni said in Feature Spotlight #4 - Skills Galore:

    you have some skills exclusive to this combination which could be shooting 4 arrows at the same time from your instrument

    There are abilities meant to be used only when holding one or more specific types of objects - but I'm afraid you can't "combine abilities" to create new ones, if that's what you're asking :slight_smile:

    @holya said in Feature Spotlight #4 - Skills Galore:

    Hey @Prometheus , so it might be a bit early to start talking about balance but I really feel like wind strike is overpowered.
    Invocation in general is bad, but you have to invest so little into wind strike that it's super overpowered when other classes spend the minimum knowledge requirements to obtain it, and get nothing else from invo.

    Ahahah 😄 Luckily Fractured won't be plagued by the several core design shortcomings we had to put up with on Linkrealms 😉

    @logain said in Feature Spotlight #4 - Skills Galore:

    'Mage has a 'Magical Strike' spell, which deals 5 damage to a target in front of it,
    Warrior has a 'Fist Strike' ability, which deals 5 damage to a target in front of it.'
    That would be 'two different' abilities to learn, but they are exact 'game mechanical' clones of each other (deal x amount of damage to target on position y), despite the different name and graphic.

    Eheh ok, sorry, now I get it. We'll try to avoid this as much as possible, but examples like the one you've just made might and will happen. Notice however that even if the two abilities you mentioned had the same overall effect ("e.g. cone damage in front of you"), they could differ in many other ways: width and length of the cone, casting time, mana cost, type of damage dealt, interruptable or not, total damage, single damage or repeated, channeling or not, stacking with STR or INT... and the list could go on. Enough parameters to make them both relevant in different builds and contexts :slight_smile:

    @tuffs said in Feature Spotlight #4 - Skills Galore:

    omfg... if I understood the right way, I can't wait to see how a fire ball or wathever the other spell you're using, will work when it's raining/snowing or at any of the other atmospheres of the game's world 😄

    You did! 😄

    @30Thrd thanks for the feedback, that's always appreciated, even more when it's so gently put :slight_smile: A question for you since you've mentioned PoE. In PoE, you can zoom in very close to your character. What type of zoom you need for immersion purposes? As for the animations, don't worry - game balancing will come later on, nothing in those clips is final in that regard. That summoning ability you've seen is a Channeling spell though - they have longer casting times and can be easily interrupted. It's what makes them hard to use - that's not the only one! :slight_smile:


    Being off the forums for a while and coming back to this is awesome!


    Gostaria de saber como funciona as skill os efeitos dela


    I've been waiting for this soooo long..


    Honestly never knew I'd been missing out on ARPG's all this time. Currently on early access for Wolcen and I, like most people, am eagerly awaiting the release of Lost Ark.

    This being said, I am excited by the prospect of Fractured and I plan on following the game very closely.

    I've been through this particular post a couple of times and feel I just need to point out that personally, I find some of the animations too long/slow. The necromancy animation in particular. It looks cool and makes a lot of sense, but being locked in animation like that will be annoying. This might have been deliberate and if that's the case, I'm more than happy to wait and test it out. If not tho, it might be worth considering.

    I'll be looking forward to more posts, keep up the good work 😄


    @apollo an intelligence based wizard like character with high perception looks like the most ideal for crafting to me
    I would personally also make charisma for bargains and dexterity for some combat efficiency with archery

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