Classic WoW?

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    Anyone here excited for it?

    Our Fractured guild is going to start there while we wait for this game to be released.


    Isnt that dead with the arrival of the new CEO?

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    Nah. They are hyping the sh*t out of it for Blizzcon next week, and they will have a playable demo.

    Brack (the new pres) says he deeply regrets the comments he made about it, and wants to deliver the best classic experience possible.

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    You don't need to keep opening multiple threads about the same thing.


    Lol @Gothix
    Yeah, I'm pretty pumped. Me and my roommate will be grinding hard on launch day for skill resources. That shiet will be so expensive on AH.


    they fked up with BFA so i don't think they can nail Classic


    Just think of the Alterac Valley battles to come round again ❤

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    @zidroc said in Classic WoW?:

    Just think of the Alterac Valley battles to come round again ❤

    I'm actually quite curious which AV version will they include in classic.

    I myself preferred older version full of elite NPCs around, it makes things more interesting. It's just landmines that I always found extremely annoying.


    @Gothix Getting to stay up late to watch my dad battle those out stands out in my memories. He ground out to the top ranks in Vanilla PvP and earned the all gold field marshal set or whatever.
    I remember distinctly them fighting the ice giants because holy cow. I can't put into words how excited I am.

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    Hopefully in official Classic people will be more interested in AV.

    I played around on private servers, and people were bored of AV there. They only did it until they finished reputation grind to get the rewards, and then they never joined again.

    Problem is AV doesn't give much honor (it's not used to rank up in your PvP ranks). AV is for rewards, and for the fun of it if you like it. To rank up PvP you need to spam other shorter battlegrounds.

    People on private servers usually only played AV when it was AV weekend and rep/honor gains were increased.

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    Yeah, but classic until when? I mean, which updates should they use?

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    If I was Blizzard, I would not progress classic (after Naxx) following standard time line, and standard expansions.

    Instead I would progress doing things completely different:

    • max level would always remain 60 forever
    • there would be no nerfing of any content or speeding up exp in any way (every single new coming player would have to go through everything, any player before had to, and spend the same amount of time to do it)
    • I would introduce new lands (that came with expansions) slowly, but would be rebalancing all that for level 60, as post naxx content (so for example TBC lands, would be very hard, and require players to have AQ40 minimum, and Naxx recommended gear. There would be no jumping to new lands as soon as you level up.)
    • When new post-TBC lands open they would also be balanced for level 60, but for a gear from TBC raids.
    • level 60 PvP would be separated in brackets (same like pre 60 PvP is) depending on what point of progression in PvE player has reached (it would get tracked through some achievements, raid clearing and quest line completition, and NOT by gear you are currently wearing), so players who are currently in point X of content, would fight against players who are in same part of progression
    • each bracket of level 60 PvP would grant you different tokens, that would allow you to purchase PvP gear that fits that content level
    • PvP ranking would never get removed. Gear would be purchesable through effort (tokens gained) and would not be restricted by rank, but RANKING would always remain to separate players who show skill and effort, so they can show off their titles and rank based cosmetic rewards (special mounts etc).

    Yes, in time that would create a HUGE gap between new coming players and veterans. But this is as it should be, because each player should have to (it's not a minus, its a PLUS) pass all the months / years of game play at appropriate content level to eventually reach current endgame.

    Time gap could be shortened anyway by having veteran friends boosting you a bit, if you chose that.


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