[Suggestion/Question] moderation (information) extension for forum


    @Prometheus @Specter there is no suggestion section of the forums so I will leave this here, under questions.

    Occasionally I see some of my posts "go away" (bad Specter, bad) 😉 but I only notice this by seeing my number of total posts drop in my profile, and I have no idea which of my posts were removed or why.

    Now this is not any criticism for moderation, quite the contrary, I find moderation here excellent. 🙂 However I would love to know which of my post gets removed at least when it does, so I don't think it's still out there and I tell people "oh I posted X somewhere" and it doesn't exist anymore without even me knowing. Ofc. one would also be curious about the reason why was something removed to be able to avoid doing the same thing in the future.

    Now the question: is it possible to add some extension to this forum, so that when something gets removed, author gets automatic notification about what was removed at least (and optionally, a short comment why).

    Thanks for hearing me out! 🙂


    @gothix Your posts are disappearing because some people delete their old threads. When a thread gets deleted, I generally purge it unless the content of the thread is so important it's better to restore it instead. That's why your postcount sometimes goes down. I am certainly not going around deleting all your posts. 😛


    i'm doing it. i'm deleting the post.

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