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    I like a lot the idea of fractured about the "skills already unlocked" and "start to be useful just when you enter". But what about your equipment? You'll have to grind over and over to get a single piece of armor, and losing it as you leave the safe zone? How will it work? The equip will take the place of the old levelling, making it a normal mmo. Am i right o you have already settled this?

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  • Equipment is horizontal too. There's no gear treadmill or progression, just different tradeoffs between all the options.

  • TF#3 - ENVOY

    @target Good news. Thanks for the clarifications!


    @driftingdragon Gear shouldn't be that difficult to re craft. That's the whole point. Full loot + minor time set back to re craft your gear and you are back into the fight (you can also pre craft your gear and keep spare sets in town banks or your housing storage, so when you lose your gear you can just pick up one of the spare sets and instantly back into action.

    I'd guess you will also be able to break down gear back into base materials (possibly with some % loss) so if you loot a lots of gear from other players, you can get a lots of materials and use those for something else (other possible professions) or sell the materials.

    So guilds will be able to get materials by PvE (harvesting) or PvP (stealing). Game is supposed to be quick and fun, so gear will not be hard to craft.

    Likely easy to craft, and perhaps a bit more difficult to customize (change its horizontal attributes and effects, or it's looks).

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