Is Dynamight Studios Actively Seeking a Publisher/ Are Plans in Place to Earn Development Funds Post-Kickstarter?

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    The game successfully broke its goal of 100k Euro this past July and earned an additional 10% on top of that, while this is an excellent start, the number of un-reached stretch goals as well as my familiarity with similar projects. For example, Albion raised nearly $10,000,000 as a game with a similar mission, similar estimated testing phase, and using the same engine(Unity.) Albion, of course, was developing for multiple platforms and went through many extreme design iterations which certainly could have "wasted their money." Even if Fractured is set to be created on a much smaller scale, I feel €110,000 is certainly a very conservative estimate of not just the funds it will take to complete the game as it is envisioned right now, but also accommodate for additional unexpected expenses likely to come from the development of such a game. For example, if you were to put one of your fundamental ideas into practice and find that it didn't work well with real players or something similar, something that would mean a major redesign of a system. Although I'm certain your studio has talent in spades, I'm very curious how you plan on bridging the gap between what you raised in KS and what you'll eventually need to raise the game. Perhaps I'm underestimating the amount of money that the Fractured Store will bring in, or perhaps Dynamight has this all under control and was using the Kickstarter to generate hype more than to earn funds for the game itself. I want to say this: I think your game is viable in the current market of games and I think that you can realistically get the money, however, to potential publishers, investors, or other business partners perhaps this game might not appear as a guaranteed investment. Your community here on the forums, discord, and others following the game will certainly disagree. We think your game is worth it just like you do. I didn't make this post to cast doubt on your game's success, far from it, but rather because I want to see you succeed and this issue of funding could stan in the way of that. Best of luck with Fractured to everyone at Dynamight Studio.



    Hello @apples.
    Jacopo (Prometheus) is actual still in talk with publisher, but i guess it takes a while to find the right one, especially with this straight line Dynamight is driving with its idea.
    110k Euros is quite okay for such a small studio. I‘m very sure they are able to earn way more, as soon people can stream the Alpha. The amount of money they earned with kickstarter was intended, even i wished them more, because it was setted up for getting new people into the team.
    Jacopo always mentioned to have a solid business plan.
    Let‘s set the hope in them, that they know what they do 😉

  • Dynamight Studios is a financially stable company. Careful business planning, coupled with backing from the three founders and private investors, make us feel safe about the future of the project. Moreover, we already have open channels with a few large game publishers that have shown interest in Fractured.

    They've stated that the game will be funded regardless of the kickstarter's success so they're not just working off of the KS money. Prometheus also said that to even get a game to a KS ready state already requires significant funding which they presumably already have considering the campaign.

    Kickstarter offers some benefits: quick funding to immediately hire new talent, some publicity, and free SpatialOS servers for testing for hitting a minimum crowdfunding goal (likely why 100k was chosen). It's not their entire business plan.

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