Estimate on Founder Packs?


    So I missed the KS event waiting for a question to be answered...

    Anyone know Estimate on when founders packs are going to come to the site so I can snag up a dragon or something :3?


    You asked "when" not...right.

    I doubt you'll see the store for at least 2 weeks. if nothing else, Dynamight is on a skeleton crew for the first 2 weeks in August, and they won't get the official count from KS until then. I imagine you will see it before the end of August, however.


    Expect them to appear in two to three weeks.

    It takes about 14 days for Kickstarter to process pledges and actually fund a successful project. Only after this can Dynamight link Kickstarter backers' pledges to their Foundation accounts because they do not have our contact info or know which of us have successfully paid yet.

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