Anything similar to this?


    Need something to play until I can play Factured!!


    Hack & slash MMO-lite games might fit the bill decently-ish. Such as Path of Exile, or Diablo 3.

    Alternatively you could try Albion Online. However the monetization is considered heavy-handed and I've seen some complaints about how certain gameplay aspects are handled. That said it looks fun regardless.

    I'm really having a hard time coming up with games to fill that void. Maybe a MOBA? Maybe a standard old hack & slash singleplayer game like Titan Quest?


    Yeah, I do play PoE and not a fan of MOBA's. Haven't tried Albion Online though - I'll give that a go. Thanks!


    @cleetus No! Man! Don't do this! Albion is the biggest waste of money i've ever done!


    Fractured is the exact inverse of Albion Online.

    Albion is a faux-open-ended game that nonetheless has a strictly tiered progression system and still forces you into hardcore PVP at the high end. In addition, due to how difficult it is to raise skill in anything, most players are forced to specialize and group up.

    Fractured has no vertical character progression to speak of; there is no early or endgame, the entire thing is just a sandbox. It's not very hard at all to raise skills and one player can comfortably solo unless they get grouped on repeatedly by gankers (in which case an Angel or something can come help you out.)

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