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    Not sure if anyone has already brought up this specific topic yet, but while looking through Spotlight #4. I began to wonder if new schools would become available to different evolutions. I believe it would be pretty cool if depending on your path you learn new spells and skills.

    Gifted to the Angels for their undying survice to the gods. A holy power which grants smite spells and skills.

    Humans cursed to become Liches would awake this power. A sinister and unholy gift of diseases and siphoning spells and skills alike.

    Beastman ravaged with the rage of an Abomination would receive a school of skills and spell of heightened strength and resistance.

    I'm sure it has come up but I'm pretty new around here and it crossed my mind. I also think that the evolutions should effect the basic schools of skills and spells such as a Divine Enchantment for your weapon that deals more damage to undead foes etc.

    Let me know what you think, and thank you for reading!

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    Now THIS sounds intriguing.



    I'm not sure. If done poorly it gives these mutations too strong of an advantage over normals - that is, an Abomination will be much stronger than a Demon.

    It might also offend the sentiment of all skills being accessible to all players.

    I think instead, holy and dark lines should be available to everyone and finding / using them is a way to go down the good / dark paths respectively.


    @agracore I'll tell you about info about the gods, but I think it will also applies to them. If you have the maximum protection of God, it will give you some skills (give, not open a new school) and you will get certain buffs. Also in the transformation into these forms. You will take away some buffs and debuffs and replace with others, also as a sign of your efforts will give a couple of skills. No new schools, just a few extra skills.


    @fibs quite true. but if im not wrong, wouldnt the tasks leading to the path of those alternate versions of the race hard to achieve? if it is, wouldnt it be a nice way to reward the player? (but i get what you mean so maybe not increasing any stats/skills too drastically)


    That is a highly interesting dynamic that could be fun to explore.

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