Core game dynamics


    Hi everybody! I'd like to share with you some thoughts regarding core game dynamics.

    It appears to me that in almost every MMORPG, the player mainly gains experience/levels up/evolves by killing monsters (PvE)/other PCs (PvP). Other ways of character progression are using non combat skills, like profession skills, gathering skills, lockpicking, trap disarming etc.
    I don't think there's anything bad in that, and I personally like this kind of games, but I was wondering if it would be possible to implement other game mechanics. For example, imagine a peaceful, non warring race, that regards every life as sacred, even those of enemies. Members of such a race would never kill other living beings, or maybe only for extreme self defence. This could translate into a character that would inflict non-lethal dmg and just disable/incapacitate the enemy, and a positive trade-off could be something like positive karma or a divine buff from their god of life and harmony, a buff that would be lost after killing a creature. A negative trade off could be that disabled creatures could recover faster than the time needed for the same creatures to respawn after being killed.

    I don't know if such a way of playing could be appealing to a large number of people, or if it could even be easily implemented, but it could possibly bring an element of novelty to a game (and also a higher degree of challange: imagine disabling a large number of NPCs in a dungeon, then you are killed -or you are forced to retreat- and you find the previously defeated enemies already up!).

    Maybe on Arboreus, the honorable, vegetarian race of bull-kin Moodra (😜 ... as a side note I was wondering: are erwydra herbivorous?? xD) could be well known for their vows of non-violence and be experts of grappling and hand to hand combat, or illusion/enchanting/frost magic (focus on control spells), or druidic spells like strangling vines/thorns/earth to mud...etc etc.
    Plz don't kill me! love you all!! Mooo!

    P.S: a disabled enemy HAS to be looted 😉
    P.P.S: this "Peace and Love" mechanic would attract a lot of approval from the various associations of parents!! xD


    you can slot just CC and non-damaging skills.

    Fractured will have 400 skills. i'm sure you could be a pure healer if you wanted to be.


    I think you'll be able to play what you want switching between skill and role play... In 400 skill it would be a way to repeal/block/paralyse/incapacitate some enemy without killing. In fact, you could disable a player without killing him... (killing is crime) In term of plaything it's why you have antagonist like Demon vs Beast.wo/men


    This could only work if your armor was tie dyed, one of you skills was 'group hug' and you shot rainbows our of your ahhh nose.


    I just remembered..

    You don't actually kill a person, you bring their stamina (or similar) down to zero they are unconscious but not dead. You have to do a killing blow to actually kill them.

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