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    As you can probably tell by my Dark Souls Black Hand avatar, I’m really into stealth/thievery/assassination mechanics in video games. Each game handles this stuff differently, and for me personally it’s a defining aspect of the game that determines how I build my character.

    I’ve read all the news pieces, and seeing as how you’ve already done your spotlight on crime I’d assume you’re done releasing any further info on it. However, one thing I didn’t see you talk about was how stealth and crime tie in to one another in Fractured. For example, can I steal an NPC’s things without being caught and attacked? Can I assassinate a player/NPC without being flagged as a criminal? I plan on playing a human assassin, and this is a big thing for me. Could I hit someone in a town with a poison dart and kill them without being detected? Backstab another player in a remote ally so no alarm is raised? Stuff like this would be cool to know in advance 🙂

    P.S- I’m super excited for this game! I’m hoping this releases before next summer so I can play it on my break without getting too distracted from college :))



    I'd like to see more reasonable guards. guards that patrol areas and have a field of view/hearing. if you're outside of that field or low enough sound it isn't heard then you can steal and kill.


    @recoil with such a focus on environmental interaction I would hope there would be highgrass or dark shadows that would aid in stealth. So some guy out in the middle of no where could be stealthier but.more easily detectable then the person using the terrain as an aid.


    Yeah, that seems like a really cool idea. And I hope they implement it.


    This sounds like a great idea so long as it is possible for players to avoid being murdered with no chance to defend. Like what @Jetah said about guards, if you can know that you're taking a risk going outside the view of the patrols, then it's acceptable to have the possibility of getting suddenly murdered for your recklessness. It otherwise doesn't seem fair or wise to make town so dangerous that no one wants to go there because they might be killed instantly through no fault of their own.

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