Where did this game come from?


    What I mean by the title is... there's been a lot of promising games released in the last few years, that have been ruined by either inexperienced developers or greed. I really like the premise of this game, but are the any assurances that this will be different?

    How much development experience is on the dev team? Are there industry vets, who've been at it for a while... or is it more of a rag-tag group who thought it would be cool to make a game?

    I want to be excited, but I've been burned before.

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    @aryxe The developers have experience developing games, but they are not big name developers. 😉 This was addressed in the

    . 😉


    Everyone developer has to start somewhere.
    And even a new developer team can make a good game as long as they are given a chance.

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    @aryxe not always big names are an assurance for a good game. Take a look on Crowfall that's a big fail for the moment, more that 3 years to develope nothing.

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    Big names sometimes want to be big for every price.
    A new team can grow on their tasks as long they stay on their path. For now they have a great idea and the first Q&A showed me, they have their heart on this project. It still depends on us, if we want to support it.
    I don't like all the fast-throwed-in-the-market games. I like such Ideas that the small and creative Developer teams have and this kind of games i like to support.

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