The Invasion Has Arrived!

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    Hi, fellow gamer and MMO enthusiast!

    Demons, new racial traits, item repair and recycle, new legends, mount cosmetics, and A LOT more… We’re one step closer to full release!

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    A huge read! Cheers!


    does the orb change:
    Given the massive change in amount of orbs required and new estimated orb value, players who already invested in proficiencies before this patch will be refunded proportionally through the in-game mailbox system, and will receive back the extra amount of orbs that were spent to level up their proficiencies to their current level. For instance, a player with rank 10 Archery will get back 30 Archery Proficiency Orbs (68 – 38).

    mean that some one that got to level 7 will be promoted to level 8? and get some orb back?

  • where are this demons ?? we have now the 9th may but still i dont see demons....

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