The Keepers


    "The Keepers. Men and women, demons and beastmen. All who serve the ideals of Galvanos, the god of knowledge, are welcome within their Hallowed Halls.

    The Keepers strive to preserve knowledge of the world and collect ancient texts and tomes of knowledge. They have assumed the role of Watchers of the Worlds, and do not meddle in the petty affairs and squabbles of the other groups and guilds of the world.

    In time, all these lesser groups will falter and disappear. But the Keepers will remain. Galvanos has entrusted them with a task, and they will see it through, for it is not the end goal that matters, but the pursuit of knowledge and the perfection of oneself that matters."

    The Keepers might be for you if:

    • You are interested in the lore of Fractured.
    • You are mostly interested in the pursuit of knowledge, skills and exploration.
    • The journey is more interesting to you than the thrill of the fight.

    The Keepers will evolve as the game evolves, but for now, they will be centered around learning, community driven encounters and activities, friendship and camaraderie. They will not actively engage in PvP openly, but will step up if threatened. They are the Watchers of the Worlds, and friend to all who seek rest for their weary Souls.

    "Be ever vigilant, Brothers and Sisters of the Watch. The enemy approaches fast, and with deadly precision. Yet who is this enemy of Galvanos, who has watched over our Syndesia since The Fracture? It is not a physical enemy, but a mental one! For the enemy of our god is your inability to be vigilant against the teachings of the World around you! Keep learning with the fervor you had the first day you joined the Halls, and Galvanos will never falter. And when our god does not falter, so too will you remain steadfast."

    - Excerpt form Ancient texts within the libraries, written by a hand whose name has been forgotten long ago.




    Interested as well.

  • TF#3 - ENVOY

    @aurellas Happened to catch your reply to another searching for guild, intrigued by what you are setting out to do!


    @theskibum Thanks a lot for the reply! Appreciate it!

    What I'm hoping is that because this game centers heavily about the pursuit of knowledge, that we can create a group of people interested in discovering all the hidden bits and pieces of the various worlds.

    The fact that you responded gives me the idea that you, like me, must have wandered through various MMO worlds, and stopped to ask yourself: "All of these open expanses, areas and possibilities, and there is nothing to do!".

    I remember the last MMO that I placed my hope in (Bless Online * chortle* ) : The world looked vibrant and alive, and I was itching to get lost in the lore of the world, trodding off the beaten path to find exotic creatures, treasure chests, hidden alcoves, secret books, wandering merchants and so forth (ESO and WOW does this well though I don't really play them). But as I soon discovered, there was nothing, and it left me severely uninterested in the world itself.

    I can forgive an average game with an excellent world. I do believe one of the reason WOW does so well, is that people play for the world itself, not necessarily the game. People create a "home" in the game to which they keep returning because the world itself keeps giving the more time you invest.

    Fractured, it's lore and it endless variety of growth possibilities make it a veritable treasure trove of possibilities, and the fact that we can gain knowledge and character growth from exploring makes me think there might be a future for this type of play.

    But as the game develops and evolves, the Guild would have to adapt as well. But we'll see from there. Basically I'm trying to build a community that's looking more towards finding and building out the lore of the game rather than just blindly walking around playing the game as is usually the norm. In this way, I believe we can create a way more engaging play style, allowing us to come back for the community first, game second.

    I do feel like i'm rambling here but I hope it conveys some form of an idea or intent?

  • TF#3 - ENVOY

    @aurellas I like the intent as I will likely be able to play this game in 'bursts'. Interested to be part of a guild town and contribute as frequently as possible. I enjoy the exploration and random finds you have called out, yet my availability will not be consistent enough for those guilds expecting daily/hour minimums. Regardless, the vision you are shaping for your guild is definitely intriguing to me!


    @theskibum Not a problem at all. I have very limited time as well. At the very least if we have multiple people exploring the world, Discord or internal messaging/forums would reveal the missing info to the more time constrained members.

    If we can build an information network we can all benefit.

    Hope to see you in game!


    I'm interested in joining, what you're describing seems to very much align with my interests/play style 🙂


    Sounds cool! I'm already in a guild, but I wish you the best. 🙂

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