Will wildfolk be able to live in Syndesia?


    When the gates start opening, I've been curious as to whether I could reside in Syndesia or do we have to go back to Arboreus? There's a lot of content on Myr that will take a bit of time to get through. Will any stats be affected if we DO live on Myr?

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    @Xulu Prometheus(Jacopo, the lead Developer/CEO of DS) has stated that Wildfolk suffer no males on Syndesia, and can freely travel/dwell there.

    They just won't be able to get the resource that allows them to take their primal form without going back to Arborea. At least at this time. Anything right now is Beta conditions and it's unknown until testing is done how the final game will be.


    they can live there full time, but apparently will need Crystals of some sort to be able to transform into primal form, which only come from Arboreus. So its either bring a lifetime supply of these crystals, or travel back and forth, what I think most people will end up doing

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