PvE is Extremely Broken....

  • so.... look at this Video....

    i was trying to farm Frost Shamans for the LAST FREAKING 4 HOURS and i got exactly 2 kills

    what happened?

    theres a group of like 5 chinamanz who dont speak english roaming around the only 3 (!!!) spawns who only spawn every like 10 (!!!) Minutes and as a group it doesnt matter how much damage u do since the other party almost instantly kills the NPC you get no chance to gain any %....

    i asked a GM, u can neither get them removed nor kicked off or anything so i suggest giving everyone who atleast does 1 damage to them a % or change the spawntimer to 1minute....


    So kill stealing isn't against the rules. Sure, its a sh*tty thing to do, but its always gonna happen. The biggest issue is, party KP sharing is completely broken, and that also means, if your party and another party are tagging the same mobs, there is the potential for no one at all to get KP. It was far better before, and whatever changed needs to be reverted or reworked. What's the point of partying up if you don't share KP. There isn't one and it feels really bad...


    This is always the case when an area gets crowded. Yes, the party system sucks. But they have to be careful there. Needs to be some kind of leash system so that a few people aren't partied with noobs and just getting all the KP for not doing anything.

    The simplest solotion for when this happens? Go farm something else for awhile. These people are...something that starts with D and ends in bags...no question. But really, there's nothing you can do about it so go farm something else for awhile and come back later

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    Unfortunately this is pretty standard in old school type games, which is the feel that FO is going for in a lot of ways.

    In EQ, there were many mobs that were constantly camped by groups so nobody else on a server can get their rare drops. In this case, it is just camping them so nobody else can get the KP.

    Anytime a mob can be attacked by multiple groups (not exclusive to the first group that scores a hit) you get this kind of thing. This is pretty much industry wide for these kinds of things, and not exactly something you can punish, as it isn't 'bad' behavior per se.

    Grouping to attack spawns, and camping spawns has been around since MMOs have. Right now, in a group, as long as you get a hit in, you get %, but if your outside the group that mainly kills a mob, you get nothing. At least that's been my experience. Your options are go join their group, or wait until they 100% that mob and go elsewhere.


    This is what will make Syndesia, guilds, and sheriffs shine and why they should bring back the 4 factions.
    We used to have a four faction system, choose one of the factions and you could pvp the other three without karma consequence.
    This is hinted at again in the live action video that was made for the game - the blue banner team and the red banner team.
    with that system back in place players on Syndesia will be able to unite and fight for farming spots as should be the role of any city and its leading guild.
    Being part of uXa or Iron Bank or any other highly active and organized guild (or even just their faction) would provide the kind of protection you are seeking and the kind of pvp content that they are seeking. Even now I bet that if you posted in recruitment or global chat that there was a group rolling through then one or two other competing groups would rush there just to take part in the pvp content they love so much and which they already do when a legend summoning is announced.

    @Vortech could you support or refute my take?

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