Wagon and Carr

  • I'm loving the concept of the wagon and cart, but only complaint would be how slow it is to load and unload. Especially unloading into smelters and such. Would it be too much trouble to be able to have it be treated as a chest inside your plot so you can open it and the smelter and just right click to transfer. Or be able to fill or build something and have a auto fill from nearest cart function? Please 🙏

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    Those time sinks are there on purpose, so although it has been asked before, I don't see it happening.

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    Devs are aware that the loading/unloading of heavy items needs some quality of life improvements.


    im with @GamerSeuss on this one. The 'block by block' building aspect of FO really got me. I've never really played anything that has building like this. It's like my meditation. Need to chill out, build something. It works pretty well for me.


    It would still be nice if the heavy item storage buildings functioned like the market with easy dumping and loading to and from carts.
    I already did the one by one to load the cart, and will do it again to unload it into the end spot (smelter/blueprint)
    So the extra by hand loading and unloading at the storage facilities is just excessive pain and suffering.

  • I like the system that you push the resources in/out block by block in the storage and the smelter too.
    What I could imagine would be a frame shortening at the end of packing.
    Observant gamers will have noticed that we are still locked in the animation about 0.75 seconds after returning to a normal stance.

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    Not having the cart/storage close with each movement would already help a lot.

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    @spoletta This I could get behind. Having the window stay open instead of opening and closing, or dragging and dropping and guessing if the wagon is full

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