Patch Log - b.0.1f - IMS Zeuz Transfer

  • DymStudios - CEO

    Hi all,

    today we are performing a major transfer of our game servers. Here's a few more info on it.

    As many of you know, SpatialOS is our backend engine of choice. So far, we're run our servers on the SCP (SpatialOS Classic Platform). We are now moving to IMS Zeuz, the new hosting platform, which is way more flexible (and potentially cheaper) than the SCP, enabling us to eventually use dedicated bare-metal servers instead of cloud servers.

    Other than doing it for advantages mentioned above, this move was necessary because the SCP is eventually going to be deprecated. The process of getting used to the new platform took some dev time, and that is why we don't have a game patch this week bringing "visible" changes to the game.

    Thank you all and stay tuned because we have some big news coming very soon!



    Is it safe to say no more to horseback lagging, random lagspikes, and melee attacks becoming ranged attacks?

    If so, this is a big YES from me. ღ

  • Moderator

    Run some test yesterday. Desynch appears to be a lot less present.

  • In general, the game runs smoother.
    Less stuttering on the move and less desync in combat.
    (I want someday a revenge Spoletta for beating the crap out of me during our test. 😊 )

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