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    This may be fully as intended, however thought I would report it just the same in case it is not the case:

    Right now, you can gain levels of Mastery in Common Clothes on Tutorial Island where Flax refreshes so fast you can basically just run from between 3 Flax patches continuously, so you can quickly max out Common Clothes. I haven't fully tested it yet, I am 1/4 with 20% in about to go to 2/4 now, and I don't know if you can bring this Mastery over to the mainland yet, but I will go to 2/4 and then transfer to the mainland and see in just a few minutes and update this then.

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    Just switched to Myr from Tutorial Island with character and I kept my Mastery buildup. I switched with 2/4 19% on Common Clothing.

    This would be too easy when Flax regenerates so fast, and there is 0 dangerous mobs to worry about. If this works for all the Primitives as well, then someone could spend less than 20 hrs in the Tutorial Island and max out all the starter skill masteries possible in the tutorial island without any risk (except for those requiring killing wolves and rabbits). True, you couldn't transfer more than your one outfit, but right now, My starter clothes are 200% Durability on every slot for this experiment.

  • I think they should not only erase the inventory items obtained from the tutorial island, but also erase the knowledge gained from there(or simply make tutorial plants/trees/monsters do not give any KP but this would not be good tutorial for new players which needs to see how KP system works)

  • Perhaps knowledge points / mastery should be capped in the tutorial zone. That way you can only progress so far and it's not worth staying there to max out all those points.

  • @Kazzier 100% by all tutorial creatures together with the rabbit and for finding Red Maple, Larch, Pine, Flax, Penny Bun, Potato Plant, Blueberry Bush and Small Stone is already the maximum for the KP, which you can gain on the tutorial island.
    But about the possibility in the tutorial to bring the mastery of primitive items to the maximum, I will need to ask internally whether this is intended or is an oversight of the developer.

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