Quality of life: Requests to dev team

  • TF#3 - ENVOY

    QoL requests by Bullen
    Corpse/corpse loot managment

    • Add next/previous buttons to Corpse inventory menu [Now, if 10 enemies died at one point, it is almost impossible to select all the bodies and take their loot]
    • As Alternative [perhaps faster to implement as a temporary fix]: after all the loot has been taken from the body, the body instantly disappears (and the player has the opportunity to click on the next corpse)
    1. Add 'take all' loot button
    1. Add feature of Highlighting the outline of a corpse when hovering over it with the mouse [for players with poor eyesight, this will be very relevant]


    1. Add feature: If the player has filled in the item filter in sufficient detail [at the discretion of the dev team, I don’t know how heavy the queries to the database will be], then a search is performed in all cities of the continent
    1. Add filter: min/max price per One item [to cut off lots with a minimum/max price that are not interesting for the player, such as primitive weapons or basic grass or super overpiced items]
    2. Add filter: min/max quantity of item [you can cut off non-stacking items, or vice versa, leave only stacking piles of items]
    3. Add feature: Show max count in each menu - sell orders, buy orders, storage (if it has limited space) [You have 3 of 20 sell orders], [You have 0 of 20 buy orders]
    1. Add feature to Save favorite requests of the player, for example: [Name of request 1] [with filters active] search only dragon souls, price up to 15.000, all cities, only Myr, from 5 pieces minimum

    Additional hotbars for consumables

    1. Add additional hotbar for consumables only - remedy, foods, bandages, poison paste
      1.2 [Minor] Add feature auto-use poison paste on current weapon from hotbar

    Weapon switch

    1. Add feature to give players the opportunity to choose weapons consciously, and not by sorting in a circle from the entire available arsenal
    2. Implement hotkeys for that

    Auto-toggle skills support

    1. Add feature: All skills turned on by the player [auto-toggle] must be remembered by the system and removed only by the skills of monsters / other players / loggout [currently toggles disappear when switching weapons to another type or when landing on a mount]

    Craftsmen automation

    1. Add feature to replenish the required resource of the selected building
      high-level algorithm:
      if there is a resource necessary for the construction in the cart, it is extracted and applied
      if the construction consists of several stages, a construction animation is performed, and then, if the building is not completed, the construction work must be continued again

    2. Add feature to replenish the required resource of smelter:
      high-level algorithm:
      if there are 5 instances of ore of same type in the cart on top, they are loaded into the smelter.
      if all the ores are loaded into the smelter, then coal is loaded with heat saving optimization: to achieve the desired temperature, charcoal is used first, then coal. If the metal requires a high temperature, then charcoal should be replaced with coal

    3. Add building: small storages of heavy resources to House plots [storage in wagons is cool, but I want to have order in the house territory]

    4. Add feature: Auto-fill cart with near resources on the ground [restriction on cells around the character]
      high-level algorithm:
      checking if there is a cart available for loading near the player and it is not full
      checking if there are resources on the floor [ore, wood] to be carried in a cart within a radius of X cells
      automatic transfer by the player of resources to the cart until the moment when all the resources are loaded or the cart is full [yes, the player should automatically move inside a given small area]


  • TF#3 - ENVOY

    Advanced Station interaction

    1. When open menu of smelter / tanning tube player should allow to:
      clicking on a resource should send it straight to the station slot or from the station / to the inventory [drag & drop is a bit inconvenient]

    [I will clarify that for the smelter we are talking about transferring the ingot to inventory]

  • Content Creator

    @Bullen said in Quality of life: Requests to dev team:

    Add 'take all' loot button

    Pretty sure they already shot this one down completely before.

    Possible Reasons: They want you to take a few seconds to loot a corpse, choosing what you want to take, and risking another Mob/PvPer showing up to interrupt you.

    Also, this adds a low grade time sink to the game, making the game appear longer.

    This is a similar reason to why they aren't going to let you auto-gather out in the wild. They don't want automatic systems, they want active players doing things.

  • @GamerSeuss said in Quality of life: Requests to dev team:

    They want you to take a few seconds to loot a corpse, choosing what you want to take, and risking another Mob/PvPer showing up to interrupt you.

    I'm actually a big fan of this. On paper auto-loot is pretty convenient, but in a heated situation and in a PVP environment (the PVP world), it adds a LOT of suspense and excitement.

  • Proximity looting/loot detection. Something like Project Zomboid. I think if we could see all containers/bodies merged/linked within a distance of the player, it would be a better compromise of the intentional time sink of moving from container to container.. Think of the package station and a cart.. Imagine opeing the cart and seeing all the bags in the station because you are near.. Same with smelters.. Same with lootable enemy bodies.. etc..

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