Patch Log - b.0.1 (Bug Fixes)

  • DymStudios - CEO

    Hi all,

    this is the list of bugs that have bene fixed in the patch released today, which brings to life the temperature system, plus minor changes.


    • The Tanning Tub now requires 5 raw materials per slot, and produces 5 processed materials per slot. This means the ratio of loot to equipment is the same, but players need to build 1/5 of the tanning tubs they had to build previously.


    • Catapults can be moved after being built.
    • Wizard Clothes no longer give an insane amount of Spell Damage.
    • Carts should no longer sometimes cause players to fail to logout and not be able to relog.
    • Mage Armor was broken in several ways. It now adds the correct amount of Physical Armor (i.e. raises the 3 physical resistances), which doesn't stack with equipment, and adds Energy Resistance (not all the magical resistances!), which does stack with equipment.
    • Magnetize no longer takes the opponent's Shock resistance down to 0 instead of reducing it.
    • The bonus to critical damage when hidden wearing Assassin Clothes now actually works - and it's only when wearing Assassin Clothes.
    • All the recipes in the Fleshing Beam now work correctly.
    • Totems now grant loot to the summoner.
    • Items no longer disappear when trying to create a new sell order on the marketplace after having reached the cap of 20 orders per marketplace.
    • Spells that add Warm / Chilled stacks now correctly remove Chilled / Warm stacks from the victim (if any). Also, when losing the Frozen / Burning status, the player restarts from 40 Chilled / Warm stacks instead of 0.
    • Fixed several possible hacks related to memory points, talents and other undisclosed ones. More fixes in this regard will be coming in the next patches.


    Awesome! Keep up the good work! I look forward to playing after the patch!


    Im gonna be THAT guy

    Please tell us this isn't all there is???

    The poop screen traveling between islands and subsequent CTD is significantly more important than weather.

    No advanced smelter fix? Granted, we can get by, but still. Both of these have been known since the alpha launched

  • TF#3 - ENVOY

    I always welcome a patch, keep em coming 👍

  • @Prometheus Thank you so much for the update. I look forward to playing with the new weather system and with the bug fixes.

  • When will there be an update that correctly displays the landmarks already known?


    @Yoshi30 if you find a diamond spot, all the diamond spot knowed show the correct display. To me it's a minor bug 🙂 we will make use of our brain to remember where we put feet :D.

    @Prometheus Thks for this update we will try to die... oups not die in burned state or chilled state

  • My advice would be to stop adding features until you can fix what you have. Sincerely, there is a lot of bugs and issues and they shouldn't linger (or have been lingering) for months and months on end while you add more features which will most definitely bring extra bugs and issues.

    This is just common sense.


    @Prometheus We have a bug on Oak tree and Birch tree, the log are hidden after the cut. Didn't see the case on Pine and Spruce


    Pine was broken before update. Only one i think. So they fixed one and broke two others....

    Firebolt and Fireball do not give any stacks. Now with the Wizard(?scholar) cloth fix no point in playing a mage.
    Can only deal damage with skillshots that are hard to hit because you cannot Burn anyone. How can there is a fix for Warm stacks in this patch and they just don't work. 1 out of 3 spells add stacks.. but thats no where near to apply burn effect.
    --- --- Only explosion added warm stacks, firebolt and fireball did not apply any stacks or add to existing explosion stacks.


    Well this a beta. To see what features are even needed/wanted or necessary. So far this one misses on all three

  • Thanks Prometheus, keep up the good work.

  • Thank you Jacopo, I am curious about the next updates


    What happened to the hotfix for the travel bug and the adv smelters that was supposed to go out yesterday

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