Reverse engineer/disassemble used gear

  • Had to replace my gear as it was starting to break, and I realized it could be nice to have a feature like this.

    Eg, if you use 10 leather on an item and it has less than 10% durability, you could disassemble it for like 1 scrap leather or something like that. And eventually combine a few scrap leather into like 1 grizzly leather for instance.

    Not sure about the exact numbers or anything, but just an idea 🍕

  • Our group has talked about this so many times and all agreed this would be a a great feature.

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    Seriously doubt this will be implemented, because games that generally have a 'Salvage' function also generally have a Repair function, and the Devs have already set a hard line against the ability to repair. Also, as there is really an overabundance of raw materials in this game, and as it has been pointed out elsewhere, more materials coming in, than breakage leaving the game, a salvage program would be detrimental to the overall game economy


    Yeah, it would be nice to actually be a crafter and figure out new and different recipes by taking stuff apart.
    But that takes a certain level of coding and development talent


    You can also wear it until it totaly brakes 🙂


    My first pair of commoner boots only just reached 27% this past weekend when i got my scholars. Nothing special, still same low level white. Dura last a LOOONG time. At least for mages.

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