Noob here, did I leave starter area too early?


    I finished the tutorial quest then went into the portal as it told me, but everything seems to be crazy strong now. A spider damn near killed me lol. Did I leave too early?


    @viper482 said in Noob here, did I leave starter area too early?:

    I finished the tutorial quest then went into the portal as it told me, but everything seems to be crazy strong now. A spider damn near killed me lol. Did I leave too early?

    Well if you survived the spider you're doing well.

    Where did all the quests go?

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    This game can be quite hard, especially if you don't know the basics.

    Your best bet is to find a friend, in 2 you can face a lot more challenges, but if that isn't an option, start from wolves and goblins.


    @dracokalen I didn't have any quests after going through the portal.


    There are no quests after leaving the portal.

    Imo, its a very good idea to stay in the tutorial long enough to max out all related research. This will get a couple abilites and enough points to unlock a couple skill points.

    For example, there's a specific young wolf (tutorial) that apparently can only be found there. The young wolves on the mainland are different. Basically same for those bandits i think.

    Don't be to worried about spiders. The Wolf Spider in particular is a right bastard. Be on the lookout for Dandelions and Bitterleaf to make herb remedy. Once you have that spiders are basically nothing.

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    @viper482 Yes and No...

    You are meant to be able to leave the tutorial once you finish the intro quests if you want to jump into the game. Shoot, you can even click the X next to Tutorial and leave right away and do everything on the mainlands.

    That being said, there is an advantage to maxing out the Tutorial Island before going to the mainland. #1, you can't die on Tutorial Island, not really. #2, the Tutorial versions of mobs are considered separate from their Mainland counterparts, so you might as well max out your KP gain on them. There are only 5 (4 bandit types and wolves) and each can be maxed out in 20 kills.

    In addition to that, you can unlock each of the 4 additional skills meant to be unlocked for the 4 archetypes. Nothing says you have to pay the KP for all 4 of them, but by hunting all 4 bandits, you unlock all 4 starter skills.

    You also keep everything you are wearing from the tutorial, so at least craft a full suit of Clothes to get started, and your Primative weapon of choice. When you transfer to the mainland, you will only have those things equiped, plus a dagger and some bandages, so take advantage of what you can.

    Once you have done all of this, then just click X by tuturial to go to the mainland, no need to find the portal. In general, right now, the system may also hang in transfer, if that happens, hit Alt+F4 and restart the game and you'll be on the mainland you chose.

    Aerhen is much tougher than Myr, so for extreme new players, Myr is definitely recommended to start.
    When you get to the Mainland, Quests are no more. This is not a Quest driven game, it is a free form Sandbox. Quests are only used to teach in the Tutorial, and after that, discovery is your teacher.
    Your first advisable goal should be to stick close to the starter town, gather as much as you can from the surrounding areas, and attempt to get some better gear, usually by spam-crafting one or two specific items until your Skill Mastery on that item maxes out. Then you might be able to sell that one item for a little better than the basic versions, plus you'll have the item with better durability at least. You can also try to enchant some to improve your gear a little bit more, once you have accumulated a few reagents.

    Now that you've done the above, then you can venture out further into the wilderness of the game...maybe find a friend or two to travel with, join a guild or town, explore, but be ready to run away...and carry ALOT of bandages.

    Hope that helps.

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