Any people here also here to try out farming mechanics?


    I'm a pretty casual player of farming sims, but come from a background of DAOC, EQ, WoW, ESO and a few more. As of late, I've been stuck on how peaceful my farming sims are and have gotten a little too snug haha- hopefully this will be a happy medium? I'm sure most will want to head out of town for mining and such- but there is really something so appealing about having your own farm that will present its own unique challenges! Who else hopes the animals are cute???

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    @Jazzysunshine My girlfriend, Sophia_Starr was sold on fractured because I told her about the farming. She loves fighting as a Sorceress in D&D, but she also loves her farming/gathering games.

    Me, I'm our family enchanter. I love my spell casters in combat, but I also love to enchant gear for my family/guild. My sister, however, is our Tank and my fellow builder. She loves to play melee fighters in heavy armor, but we both love to build houses and cities as well. The three of us make a well rounded little guild.


    as part of the encompassing whole absolutely. I'm here for all of it. Building, questing, farming, crafting..


    Hi, Harbinger of Famine here.
    I think it is safe to say I have done the most testing and investigation of the games farming and harvesting potential and am happy to answer most any question you have on the topic.

    So... Good news and bad news.

    Bad news:
    Without major changes to the plot sizes and city permissions there is no way to have your 'own farm'.
    Gathering wild plants, trees, mob drops, and ore varieties are heavily effected by local biome differences.
    Farming takes -days- to go from planted to harvestable and needs checking up on every 10-30 hours depending on need of crop.
    You cant farm most of the crops and plants that are found in the game. Right now we only have 5 crops.
    Anyone at the citizen level can mess with the crops which you do have access, and power over to, farm meaning that if all of them are not on the same page someone might just dig up what you are growing and plant whatever it is -they- want.
    Farm animals are not introduced yet... but there are plans for the future.

    Good news:
    Farming is absolutely essential to the city economy which enables technological progress, so there will be demand for farmers.
    The fertility and nutrition mechanics are just complex enough that some time must be put into maintaining soil nutrition levels through crop rotation. This gives risk/reward and benefits to planning.
    Not everyone is interested in farming and not everyone needs to be a citizen to get what they need from a town. Thus it is very possible to restrict the number of wild cards and establish yourself as one of a few leaders of the cities farm plots.
    Because of localized resource scarcity the value of harvested goods is likely to be stable and due to slow transport systems the further you go from an area of high availability the goods should increase in value accordingly.
    Gathering ore/plants/trees will have -some- danger as mobs will be in the general area, so you are unlikely to be totally board, but is still safe enough that it is a low risk task that is necessary. This means that others will pay for you to do the farming/gathering for them while they are off doing the 'more fun' aspects of the game like boss grind and pvp.
    Since the harvestable resources are diffusely populated on the island there is very low chance to be targeted for pvp as they cant be sure where you will be. This is in contrast to mob hotspots which are much more likely to be watched and or camped.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.


    Yep seeing as I am in a crafting/farming guild


    New bad news:
    The third crop (leafy greens) is not implimented and farming crops is so easy that there is no market for it and any town can be self sustaining.

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