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  • Third Kuras, 481 after the fracture
    A lone winged warrior clad in golden armor entered the land of Syndesia, wandered the lands unseen, beheld mountains, swam rivers, and rested under the trees of cities built and populated by a race called human.
    "How peaceful it has become since the fracture," said the warrior, while a troop of merchants passed him, ignoring him because they could neither see nor hear him, "If only it would last forever and everywhere," he continued, shake away the negative thoughts and continue his way.
    It has been 481 years since the greatest war of all time shook the world and shattered it into seven planetary fragments, only three of which are known to mortals.
    450 years since the keeper of the third gate strayed his steps on Syndesia, a span of life impossible for humans and yet for a celestial being only a marginal note in its history.
    Much had changed since then, where there were burning forests and parched earth and the survivors of war dwelt in squalid burrows, now proud cities rise from the ground and the soothing green of meadows and trees make room for wild animals of all kinds.
    However, the Warden knows that there were other continents on Syndesia not as blessed like this one, a continent where ice and snow lie as far as the eye can see and another of which little is known, since even the Celestials have not set foot there since the fracture.

    Fifth Kuras, 481 after the fracture
    The warrior walked on under dense treetops, since he landed on Arboreus, he had hardly been able to see anything else in these vast stretches of land.
    If he concentrated, he could see the rivers of primordial energy criss-crossing the land in invisible plumes and mists, invisible to mortal eyes, revealing the existence of that energy only through the scattered crystals.
    He passed villages of scattered tribes of various beings, all considered to be wildfolk.
    The main tribes divided into the nimble Chadras, the gregarious Udoadri, the strong Nheedra and the shrewd Erwydra, all with their own likes, strengths and weaknesses, yet all shared the same penchant for peace and respected one another as part of the whole .
    "If the cooperation at the time of the fracture had been as strong as it was between these apparently different beings, then it would have......" he didn't finish the sentence, knowing that such thoughts can't change reality and so he marched on until he came to a swamp and was surrounded by the sounds of the flora and fauna living there

    Ninth Kuras, 481 after the fracture
    Hot sand played around the brave warrior's feet, for one must be brave or foolish to voluntarily bring one's health and life to tartaros.
    Tartaros, the planet that suffered most from the wars where mighty forces tore the earth apart, shattered mountains and burned trees completely, creating barren deserts and volcanoes that would never give the land the rest it deserved.
    He stepped onto the edge of a volcanic crater and looked at the scene from there that was taking place below him. Members of the three great demon races once again fought for scarce resources.
    The clever and cunning Blood Demons had apparently not been able to harness the small and agile Shadow Demons this time and instead provoked a fight, which attracted the strong and resilient but stupid Hellfire Demons.
    He turned his gaze further and saw what looked like a settlement in the distance, where a few peacefully minded were trying to build something of a society and a safe house and home.
    A pitiful look came out of sad eyes and he said "The souls that are there don't deserve this world, maybe they will one day rise and find happiness somewhere else", and with that he turned away.

    Eleventh Kuras, 481 after the fracture
    Back in the world of Urankas, unknown to mortals, also called Heaven or the realm of the angels, the wanderer brought his notes and experiences to the sages to keep in the great chambers of the library libraries.
    Whilst the Bibliotheques were in the process of arranging everything, the warrior resumed his position at the third gate, from which he was strangely relieved a few days ago.
    "The demon Lord Arcahem is playing his games again," said the warrior, while contemplating his flaming sword, engraved with his name, Illuminas Ultima Skykal, Guardian of the Third Gate.

    And while he resumed his vigil, one or the other thought touched on what he had experienced.


    @LordSkykal I love the concept of other 'pieces' of Elysium



    there is a bird land only once in its lifetime, on death.


    There are many messengers in this world, and people rely on animals to deliver letters

    But some valuables are delivered by people after all!

    Victor city! A big port city, merchant ships of all sizes transport goods from this port.

    Harvey! An unusual messenger!

    He doesn't know the taste of food!

    He can't tell what is delicious.

    His sword skill is very powerful!

    Until one day, the king's ministers ordered him to enter the palace.

    第一章 天赋
    Chapter I Talent

    -------------Inside the palace!

    "Are you Harvey the postman?" The king pointed contemptuously at Harvey, and the minister became serious! There is no whisper in the imperial city, and I feel there is something important to announce!

    "Yes, I'm Harvey," a solemn etiquette replied.

    "You really can't smell anything? I heard you lost your sense of taste! If so, you should be very suitable for this job! "
    The king said seriously!

    "Yes, I can't taste delicious food, but what does this have to do with my job as a postman?"
    Harvey, looked up and asked.

    "I have a carriage of spices here. I hope you can deliver this car to Aomuqun Peak in the south. The soldiers over there are guarding our territory. They need delicious food to boost their morale. I can't trust other postmen. I dare not entrust others casually because of spices. Don't worry, of course, I won't let you deliver this batch of spices alone. This is our princess Vera. Although you are a postman, your swordsmanship is very good.
    The king said:

    "Yes, King, you are very well-informed. Although my sword skills are not first-class, it's still a cinch to kill a few giant spiders and troll Goblin, so that rich businessmen are willing to entrust me to deliver packages to them"
    Harvey, speak confidently!


    So Harvey received the order of the kingdom! Responsible for transporting a batch of magic spices, because the kingdom doesn't trust other people! We can only send Princess Vera and Harvey to transport it together.

    第二章 香料
    Chapter II Spices

    On the winding road in the middle of the night, Harvey, the postman, and Vera, the princess, are on their way. A carriage of spices seems to have some magic. Vera, the princess, seems to know everything. It's possible that he has no intimate friends and seems to tell Harvey the secret! That's why the king chose Harvey!

    "Hey, can you talk on the road? It's been a long walk. Can you have a rest? Aren't you curious about the use of spices? "
    Princess Vera said curiously.

    "I'm not sure what the role of spices is. The question is why the king sent a princess and I, the postman, to deliver these spices"
    Harvey replied respectfully.

    This spice is no ordinary spice! It's very important for the king's spices. The food made from this spice will strengthen some abilities. Don't underestimate this spice. That's why the postman has to deliver this spice! And the princess's cooking is superb! Can give full play to the greatest power of this spice! The princess knows, but he didn't tell Harvey. Maybe even if he did, he wouldn't know the delicious flavor of the spices.

    .... .... ....
    Finally, Princess Vera didn't tell the secret of this spice.

    第三章 奇袭
    Chapter III Surprise Attack

    Not all places are safe in the wild, dark forest! There are a lot of Goblins here. I really think these Goblins know the use of this batch of spices, and they have been here for a long time until Harvey arrives. . .

    Suddenly a lot of savage Goblins appeared from the bushes! Rushing to the carriage, Harvey pulled out his sword directly. He was more a beautiful work of art than a sword. This sword seemed to have a unique magic. Harvey's swordsmanship was faster and slower, but after a while all these low-level savage Goblins were killed. Suddenly, a giant Goblin rushed out of the woods! Rush to the carriage! Or Harvey's direct raid will kill the giant Goblin directly!

    "You are so strong! It looks like my father made the right choice. It looks safe for you to deliver these spices! "
    Princess Vera said in shock!

    "My tutor gave me all this. I just learned her tricks. Without her, I should be a handyman in some bar."
    Harvey said modestly

    So they packed their bags and spent the night nearby. Although today's surprise attack on expect the unexpected, Harvey's excellent swordsmanship is closely related to his elegant sword. Vera is curious about Harvey's weapon, which is not so much a weapon as a work of art. It is very beautiful, with a lifelike flower on it, and it feels as if there is life. Probably, only a swordsmanship like Harvey can control this sword as a work of art!

    第四章 失窃
    Chapter IV Theft

    In this way, the two men took the goods to a wild village-Wawen Village. This village seemed to be short of materials, but at least it could clean up the fatigue in recent days, so they found a hotel to rest!

    "Ah ~ ~ I haven't taken a shower for several days! Now I'm going to take a bath. By the way, this village was rich before, because many candles were exported from beeswax production. I didn't know what happened at that time, and all the bees here suddenly disappeared overnight, so the village began to stop being brilliant. I hope this village will get better soon! "
    Vera went into the bathroom and rambled on about these stories.

    Harvey looks tired. Although the carriage and horse have settled down, there is a pair of eyes in a corner that have been eyeing this batch of spices. Yes, this spice has a lot of magic! In fact, the news has reached the ears of some people! Sack, the guard of Wawen Village, is always well informed. He knows that this batch of spices will pass by here, so he decided to steal some precious magic spices!

    “哈维 哈维!!! 村民们在门口好想要谢谢我们? 到底是怎么回事!还有我们应该去看看马车怎么回事了!我非常担心那些香料的状况!”
    The next day!
    "Harvey Harvey! ! ! The villagers really want to thank us at the door? What the hell is going on! And we should go and see what happened to the carriage! I am very worried about the condition of those spices! "
    Vera said eagerly!

    Two people came to the villagers! I found that everyone was thanking Harvey and Vera!

    "Don't thank you! I did it all. "
    "I know the spices you deliver have magic power, so I stole some for bees to use! It is true that the life of bees has been improved after use. We should really thank you both! But why is this batch of spices transported so slowly? "
    Sarkozy said:

    “.... .... ....”

    萨克理直气壮的向 哈维和薇拉说着!
    "The kingdom is no longer sheltering our small village, because we haven't handed in enough candles to pay taxes, and the ministers of the palace are unwilling to support us. Our village can't accomplish anything except keeping bees in its geographical environment! I didn't steal all the spices. I used some spices for the remaining bees nearby. Now the life of bees in this area has been strengthened, so that this Wawen village has a chance to develop! You can kill me if you want! Anyway, my wish has been achieved! "
    Sack, talk to Harvey and Vera!

    哈维和薇拉交头接耳,说了很多,貌似并不生气,就这样 哈维和薇拉两人当着众人的面原谅了萨克,但是....
    Harvey and Vera whispered a lot, but they didn't seem angry, so Harvey and Vera forgave Sack in front of everyone, but ....

    "Since you stole our spices ~ then you also transport spices with us! The next destination is the tomb of 10,000 people. I'm afraid it's too dangerous for both of us ~ Maybe your joining can be guaranteed! "
    Vera pointed and said.

    Sack! He didn't say anything. I really thought he felt guilty, too. So after a little rectification, the three of them began to continue to deliver the magic spices! Although everyone is talking and laughing! But Harvey began to be silent. He seemed to have something on his mind, so they headed for the tomb of ten thousand people.

    第五章 帮手
    The fifth chapter helper

    At this moment, three people have reached the tomb of ten thousand people, which used to be a battlefield where tens of thousands of people fought! There are also tens of thousands of casualties, so this place is called the Tomb of Ten Thousand People! The war also laid the power and influence of Vera's father! It's better to say that this is a bone pit than a tomb of ten thousand people! Cursed here, no one dares to clean up this area! So there are bones and crows everywhere! Suddenly! ! A purple flame burns in the white bone pit! A pile of bones seemed to bring life to them. They became skeletons and puppets, and rushed to three people! ! !

    "A bunch of bones are vulnerable!"
    Sack! Rush to the bones

    Sack was the first to rush into the group of skeleton puppets and chop them. He took a knife! Although the speed is a little slow, every attack is fatal, and Harvey and Vera are trying their best to protect the carriage and spices.

    A skull with a helmet and an axe rushed to Harvey, which was an axe! Cut off Harvey's left arm!

    "Ah ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~"
    Harvey shouted in pain!

    Blood flowed into the sword that Harvey was carrying, and suddenly a beautiful woman's soul came out of the sword!

    "Harvey, are you hurt?"
    The soul says:

    “师父...是你吗? 我就知道你的灵魂和这一把剑融合到一起了,”
    “? ? ? ? ... is that you? I knew that your soul had merged with this sword. "
    Harvey talks to the soul with full of hope:

    "Still don't say! You seem to be hurt! What happened to your left hand? ....”
    Only when the soul looked around did it know that Harvey lost his left hand:

    那个美妙的灵魂发怒了! 灵魂进入了哈维的身体内,在哈维的身体里面突然有了两个灵魂!但是好像他们融合的非常好!哈维用右手拿起了那一把艺术品一样的剑开始复仇了!
    That wonderful soul is angry! The soul entered Harvey's body, and suddenly there were two souls in Harvey's body! But it seems that they are well integrated! Harvey picked up the sword like a work of art with his right hand and began to take revenge!
    Although Harvey's left hand is broken! But it doesn't affect the right hand to attack with a sword.

    That gorgeous dance! Dance with the sword! The surrounding skeleton puppets are instantly cut like paper! Chop!

    1个 2个 3个 4个
    就这样 薇拉数着数字!直到159个。 短短的几十分钟内 哈维变了一个人一样!像女人一样优雅的斩杀了159个骷髅傀儡。哈维清理了159个骷髅傀儡!
    One, two, three, four
    So Vera counted the numbers! Up to 159. In just a few minutes, Harvey has become a different person! As graceful as a woman, she killed 159 skeleton puppets. Harvey cleaned up 159 skeleton puppets!
    Vera was shocked. She couldn't believe it was a messenger! Harvey has such superb swordsmanship! Soul! It must be the reason why the soul lodged in the sword is merged with Harvey. The battle is over! All the skeletons and puppets on the battlefield have been cleared!

    After the battle, Vera went to Harvey and said:
    "Does your hand hurt? Wait, I'll treat your wound now! Wait for you "

    After Harvey's wound was treated, he was expressionless. He knew how important that soul was to him, but he also knew that the soul was once again sealed in that wonderful sword!

    The three of them sorted out everything, but Vera was still very concerned about Harvey's condition! After all, he lost his left hand, and Vera got the broken one! Go to Harvey and repeatedly care about whether Harvey's broken left hand still hurts.

    Harvey grabbed Vera's broken limb in her arms and threw it into the tomb of ten thousand people, disdaining to say 1!

    “my pain is not from blade.”

    Three people don't say a word now, so keep going!

    第五章 使命
    Chapter V Mission

    Three people and a carriage were approaching the Aomuqun Peak, just below the mountain, when suddenly a cold wind blew! Why is there ice here? It's summer, and the three of them stopped and began to look around, skeletons and puppets! ! And skeleton puppets! ! All right, let's take a break. Let's get ready! Although they were skeleton puppets, they were all wearing heavy armor, and suddenly a whole horrible laugh came out!

    "Ha ha ha ha ha ha, just these three people? I thought it was a regular army. "
    The sound of terror from the depths.

    The three men huddled near the carriage, afraid to move, but suddenly there was an ice thorn on the ground. The three men dodged in time! But the wheel of the carriage is broken.

    "What the hell are you! Come out quickly! Are you doing it for spices? "
    At the moment Isaac roar loud said:

    "Yes, that's right! I need that carriage of spices! If you don't want to die! You can fuck off now! "
    Terror voice said:

    "The three of us can leave spices! But please show your true colors! I hope who is the person who robbed us "
    Vera vigorously said:

    "Isn't this our little princess Vera? This batch of spices can make soldiers gain divine power, make their brains clear enough, make their eyes clear enough, and make their pace fast enough. This is specially prepared for my undead army! It doesn't matter who I am. Anyway, you are a worm in front of my undead army! "
    Terror voice said:

    At the moment, Harvey cut himself with the sword like art and shed blood. The wonderful soul came out! But this time they didn't merge, and that wonderful soul seemed to be looking for something! Suddenly the soul launched a spell, and that horrible voice revealed its true appearance!

    "Is the lich? ! How can there be a lich here! "
    Vera saw the real face and said!

    "Who the hell are you? Why are there so many skeletons and puppets here! "
    At the moment Isaac roar loud said:

    Yes, that's right! Is a real lich! I don't know where he came from. The three of them have never seen a lich. I don't know how powerful the lich is, and I don't know why it appears here! Nothing else matters, Harvey, Sack and Vera only know that this is not an easy battle!

    "Anyway, you also deliver goods, so let me deliver them for you, so that you can also keep your lives!"
    The lich said:

    "Do you want to send this batch of spices to there? If you want to take this batch of spices! I think I can deal with you with one hand! "
    Harvey said contemptuously:

    “wowowo~ 别担心我也是一名信使,只不过 我是一名皇家信使!”
    “ Wowowo~ Don't worry, I'm also a messenger.i'm a royal postman.!”
    The lich said:

                                                           ... ... to be continued

    If I win the championship ~ I will post my next 15 chapters ~
    That wonderful sword like art ~ I haven't named it yet ~
    Let's have a vote if you like!
    Let GM name it


  • The Journey of a Demon

    A noise reaches his senses. Definitly worthy to wake him up. He grunts, jumps up, takes his stuff and walks to the large stones nearby. While he hide himself behind rocks, the noises getting louder. Steel clash against steel. Warcries reverberate through the valley. Followed by Screams. There is no doubt, the battlefield expand really fast into his direction. Still terrible tired, he tries to make himself as comfort as possible. He finds a rock where he can lean on. Definitly not that soft as the sandy ground he has sleeped before. However, he is out of sight now. Therefore he feel safe again. After some yawning he proceed to sleep. The smell of burned meat reaches the rocks. A few minutes later the first creatures appear nearby. A group of demons, regroup themselfs. Two of them drag a bad wounded one. What seems like a mage, a bowman and a warrior covers their rear. Suddenly a fireball hit into the three protectors. The warrior and bowman fall to the ground. The mage survived due to his great reflexes. He was saved by his own magic barrier. The Mage doesn't hesitate and send a frost spell into the direction of the assaulter. A scream indicate he hit someone. A sudden breeze let the mage freeze. A enemy was stealhed and managed to sneak behind the mage. A dagger sweeps along the mage's throat. The body sags and drop to the ground. The last three survivor gets hit by a shock spell. Leaving them unmoveable. Another Fireball burned them on the spot. The assassin, who took out the mage, shouts to his companions: "Lets head to the east, there should be more". As fast as they appear, the attackers are gone. They haven't recognice the snoring muscular Hellfire Demon behind the rocks where he dreams peacefully. He dreams about showing off his amazing muscles to beastwomen. Cuddling with the cutest one's and making himself a name in Arboreus as an Angel. After five hours the sleepyhead wakes up. He stretched himself and leaves the rocks behind. Just to enter the result of a massacre. Bodies over Bodies. Blood everywhere. Unimpressed he begin his morning yoga routin on a nearby hill. While he manage to do the "blooming lotus", he takes in the scenery. A sandy landscape covered in dead bodies and a hot sun in the sky. Another day to survive on Tartarus.

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    High atop an hill, three figures were hastily recapping their nefarious plan. The moon was clearly visible in the sky, casting a pale light and long shadows all over their improvised camp.

    “That’s it everyone, the time has almost come. Stick to the plan and tomorrow at this hour we will be filthy rich.” Her low barking voice easily identified her as one of the Udoadra, wolf like people rarely seen on Syndesia. They were famed to be strong, noble and natural leaders.
    This particular Udoadra went under the name of Rala and she did show the typical traits of her people… minus the noble part.
    Indeed she would be more easily described as a scoundrel, always looking around for the next fool who could be easily detached from his belongings.

    One week ago she had been approached by an old acquaintance of her, a bald man of an impossible to define age. He bore on his face the marks of a life spent over the sea, and the labyrinth of scars on his face told of more than enough swords.
    Everyone referred to him as the “Ol’ man” to the point that many had started mistaking Olman for his real name, Rala included.

    Rala knew that he had his own ways to catch the last news before the others, and that he always made sure to profit on his leads. Plenty of coins had found their way into Rala’s pocket thanks to this man, so when she approached her with this new lead, she knew that he could be thrusted, even if the information itself had been hard to believe.
    Settlers had come to Myr
    Those were his words..
    Myr, a continent brimming with gold, silver and untapped resources, was the dream of a few and the nightmare of many.
    Goblins, ogres and bandits roamed the fertile lands while the deserts were plagued by hordes of undead and by foul spider like creatures puked by the gods during a bad hangover. Any previous attempt of conquering those lands had been met with a quick and gory demise.

    Yet, this group was trying to settle in there, and according to the Ol’man they already managed to establish the first cities. Too busy facing the unlimited dangers of that place, they were still unaware that their kin could be their worst enemy. In other words, the perfect target. Even more interesting was the fact that they had been organizing themselves around “banks”. Big chests left in the middle of the city, without any kind of lock or protection, where the settlers had been observed putting any kind of item. Including gold. A lot of gold.

    Now, after having sailed to Myr from their island, they had been observing their target for a whole day from atop their hill. The newly founded city of Promolonia, and its “bank” were right there in plain sight.

    With the help of a lit candle, Ol’ man opened his notes and started recounting the results of their observations with his high pitched and nasal voice.
    “According to what we saw from here, the contents of that chest amount to:

    • 1150 Animal pelts
    • 85 Ingots of still undefined material
    • Around 300 hundred stones. Small ones.
    • 41 horses…”
      Ol’ man paused for a second, still disturbed by the sight of all those horses being taken in and out of that chest. Then he resumed his reading.
    • Undefined amounts of plant samples and anatomical parts of goblins. Probably tongues.
    • At least 20.000 gold coins
    • And... “More than my fingers” wood planks. Thank you Trixie for your useful contribution.
      That last sarcastic comment was directed at the third member of this unlikely group. If Rala was a rare sight on Syndesia, the creature knows as Trixie was exceedingly unique.
      Trixie was a Demon. An Hellfire Demon, known to be strong as a mountain and dumb as a rock.
      His real name was Trikel’raxat’kartala and even among his peers he had never been a particularly bright one.
      Rala had met him during her travels, and in an impressive feat even for the extremely social Udoadra, she had managed to befriend him. She had full thrust in her skills, and knew that a cunning plan was the best plan.
      She also knew though that violence made for an excellent plan B, so she hauled around this huge mass of muscles and ferocity wherever she went.
      She was also the one to call him Trixie, lamenting the fact that his name was impossible to pronounce and that someone should really institute a character limit for names. Convincing this huge demon that Trixie was an apt name for a terrifying warrior, had also been a surprisingly fun activity.

    Truth to be told, the demon had been close to realizing that he had been tricked and that he should be very very angry at this weirdly chatty dog. Luckily for the 2 other members of the group, such realization had to give way to an intense craving for honey pastries while traversing through his fourth (out of five) synapse. Since no such pastries had ever been in sight, said realization had been stuck in a neural traffic jam ever since that day, and an untimely rampage from the demon had been so far avoided.

    “Thank you for the detailed report” Rala cut short her two companions before they could start arguing, and then continued “The plan is easy. Shortly before the dawn there is a small activity of settlers leading their carts in and out of the city, most of them are stopping in front of the bank. We will disguise between them with our own cart, using the darkness to avoid being recognized. We approach the bank, grab everything that is easy the grab, gold coins first and then we disappear in the night before the dawn. Take only what looks like it could be worth its weight.”

    A few minutes later, following the plan they had put together all three of them were slowly walking toward the city of Promolonia.

    There were a few figures moving in the night. Each of them was busy with his own matters and hardly interested in meddling in the affair of others. Even less so when one of those “others” was hauling a cart which would have normally required a good horse.
    “Are you sure that it was a good idea to leave the cart to him? I fear that we may be a little too conspicuous like this.” Ol’man voiced his concern, looking at the demon barely covered with the biggest cape they could find, effortlessly dragging the cart.
    “We need the cart, and we don’t have an horse. This is the best option we have, as long as you don’t want to try hauling it yourself.” Was the quick answer from a very annoyed Rala.

    With the help of a bit of luck and a of striking sense of dread in all those who met Trixie on the road, the trio finally entered the streets of their target. The bank was there in plain sight, without a single guard taking watch.
    “Ok, quick now, grab whatever we can!” Rala issued the order with a whisper in the night.
    The three of them jumped on that lone ornated chest sitting under a solid stone roof, almost in contrast with the poor state of the rest of the buildings in the city.

    They all started rummaging through that chest, taking out all the gold coins they found and anything that looked expensive. No matter how much they took, there was always more. It seemed impossible for such a chest to hold all that stuff.
    “Oh, these two could be useful!” Rala took out from the chest two very surprised horses and attached them to the cart.
    “Wow, look at these gems in here, they are so… flawless! These must be worth a lot! Hey Trixie, would you stop eating everything you find and give us an hand?” Ol’man looked in the direction of the demon.

    Trixie was standing there, immobile. He was staring into the void in front of him, apparently lost in thought. There was something ominous in the air around him.

    “… not warrior name.” these words finally came out of his mouth.

    They were softly spoken as if he was speaking with himself, and yet they sounded like fiery boiling rage.

    “Eh?” Ol’man couldn’t hear well those words, but his instincts had just put him on full alert.

    “TRIXIE NOT WARRIOR NAME! ME KILLS BAD DOG!” Trixie stared daggers at Rala.
    “… seriously? After all these years you notice it NOW? When we are this close to getting awfully rich? Have you ever heard of bad timing you bird brained muscle head?” Rala looked more surprised by the surreal situation they were in, more than worried for their imminent fate.
    Ol’man sidestepped closer to Rala, while keeping his eyes on the demon, which looked ready to jump on them at any moment.. “Please, tell me that we have a plan B ready.”
    “Oh yes, we got a plan B! It is right there! Looking at us and trying to decide if he can eat both of us right now, or if he prefers to keep a bit of me as a late breakfast!”
    “Excellent. So what exactly do we do now?” Ol’man kept staring the demon which was slowly advancing toward them.
    “We run. NOW!”

    Many hours later, in the afternoon following that hectic night, a bored guard was inventorying the results of the night assault.
    A man clad in a dirty chain armor moved toward him. “So, did you found everything in the end?”
    “Ah yes Sheriff, we got almost anything.”
    “Almost? What is missing?”
    “Oh sir you see, this is very weird, we found almost everything except for a few belongings of Jeremy, the cook. He swears that he had put there a stock of raw bear meat and a few trays of his baked products.”
    “Baked products? What kind of baked products?”
    “Honey pastries, sir.”


    @spoletta Brilliant! I particularly loved the bit about the improbable way the bank works 😂


    From the Pen and Parchment of Benjamin of Manatee, refugee in Arboreus.
    12 long years since the Dark Convergence, XXX years (TBA) after the Fracture.

    A quaint little village — the scent of Rejuvenation in the air was still quite fragrant — the village of Hartfire, my new home. It was already the Moon of Harvest, and the Scept of Druids really knew how to make a show at this time of year. This time, even I decided to make an appearance. Even though I still wasn’t a full-fledged member of this community — no wonder, I didn’t partake in the Barking Ceremony yet, even though this year marked the fourth since I appeared here. What would that be on Syndesia? Twelve years, if I recall correctly?

    Anyways, I lived here, with all the other Hart-Kin, as they’d be called in Common. Here, the locals call themselves Erwydra, which, while is hard for us to comprehend, still is more or less translated correctly. I’m not an eloquent speaker of the language of the locals — they didn’t teach us that in Horizon — yet I am already more than capable of holding long conversations, and even debate with them properly. Thankfully, my blood as both a merchant, and a scholar translate quite well even between languages. However, I can tell that there is quite a difference in culture.

    While syndesian cultures more or less use stones, as well as woods for buildings, Arboreus, as I learned to know this plane’s name, tends to use all sorts of wood, and nature related magicks to manipulate the already existing flora to bend to their will, therefore creating all sorts of dwellings, not excluding mine. This type of magick however takes a certain affinity, that other races don’t seem to qualify for. For example, while I do know of human druids, they are mostly capable of using nature to their advantage, notwithholding an innate knowledge of all sorts of herbs and other greens, crawlers and animals, and even sometimes the very elements of nature — albeit the latest is rare with druids, as it is more suited for elemental mages.

    However, the races of Arborean origins seem to exhibit such an innate affinity to these sorts of magicks, that even the wolf-like Udoadras, as well as the bear-, and tiger-like Nheedras, and Chadras respectively. While all of them show great potential, compared to the humans of Syndesia, Erwydras, and Nheedras in particular, are the best suited for these sorts of practices.

    With all these descriptions of the great, and magickal, my ink will shortly run dry, and I still didn’t manage to throw everything I’ve seen here on paper. I am particularly looking forward to transcribe the daily life of an Hart-kin, as I personally feel it!s changes from my life before as human.

    However, my changed daily routine aside — as not a lot of people should be invested in the intricacies of shedding antlers —, let me explain how this ritual of Rejuvenation usually goes, from my own experiences, in an anecdotal manner:

    It was relatively early in the morning. Back in my childhood, I wouldn’t wake up until at least sunrise, but I had a tendency of staying in bed much later, sometimes almost until it was time for the bread to come out of the oven, and even sometimes until the leathers of the night were ready. During those times, I was mostly preoccupied with helping around the house, learning the not-so-niche know-how of preparing leather in a tanning tub, and pounding bread, yet now all that knowledge seems to be in vain.
    Here, once you wake, as the last stars start fading over the purple skies, the wildfolk move in accordance with the laws of nature. It is no time for lazing in bed, the forest calls all, and even I feel the blessings of Nelena, mother of Nature, encompassing my heart. And as Nelena calls us, so does Tyros, once the stars are resting, his glory rises over the horizon, Rejuvenating all of us. This wed of the gods is the sole celebration of these here festivities.
    As Nature rolls it’s course, so does Light, and according to the local beliefs, the sole purpose of living stems from their wedlock. However superficial or mythological this may sound, I found reality in this practice, as well as minor revelations of the gods — later on that. The equation however, spells out something rather common, that we all are quite familiar with: the circle of Life. Without Light, Nature dwindles, and without Nature our existence is in peril. Whether you view this through the eyes of non-believers, or the faithful, one thing is clear: we all cherish being alive.
    And thus my story begins. After my wake, I prepared myself for the day thoroughly. I bathed, got rid of all access hair on my body, which is hard to find on this current body, as well as trimmed the bottoms of my antlers - those pesky baby hairs really make me look ungroomed. After donning my most dazzling robes, made to reflect on the power and intelligence of my new race, embroidered with the most soothing and ornate floral designs, I set out of my house — as I mentioned earlier, these dwellings are made of a type of nature magick, that the races of Arboreus are attuned to: this was the house I had made using my own affinity. It was akin to a willow tree, whose plant I sowed half a decade ago, and now grew out to be the most praiseworthy of plants. Stairs and ladders growing out of each and every branch, reaching for the forefront, with doors engraved of the finest meanders. The insides of the “growth” however depicted a more grounded, less spiritual visage: that of a scholar’s room would look like in the Horizon Institute of Magick. Bookselves towering as walls, encompassing every room, maybe except for the bathing balcony, as well as the kitchen — I saw those areas unfit for such decorations.
    As I left this “growth”, I turned towards the town center, walking past faces I grew accustomed to seeing. My neighbors, Melinth, and Ephana, who ran a quaint little apothecary, with their daughter Elapha. She was in the same age as the girls of Myr, when they learned how to weave linen from flax. Thinking about my homeland caused me great pain, as I longed to see the once great cities. How they could have grown since then? Since that fateful day, when I bid farewell to my friends. Arcahem, Yasuke, I hope you are well, even this long after the Convergence. And to my comrades in arms, I hope you can live happily with your families, undisturbed, just as the fawn Elapha may.

    Alas, that day was not for dread, quite as this diary is not for my crying. Let us continue— Emana, Loweth, as well as Helly were on their ways to the festivities. As I mentioned them in a previous chapter, they have been of great help to me, when I arrived, Loweth in particular. His great spirit, and warming antlers (as they say it here) gave me great reconciliation with my fate. They did not throw me away as garbage, nay, they gave me hope, and warmness. They shared their lives with mine, bathed, refitted, and fed me. How can I possibly not look at them with joy?
    Everyone in the town, including me were carrying a wreath. This was a symbol of our attunement to nature, something we were only supposed to don during the great bonfire at noon, then once again during twilight. These two events symbolizing the death and rebirth of Nature and the Sun were the central motifs of this celebration. During the day Nature flows, as time, and as the dance we walk around the fire; while at night as the Sun fades, Nature slows, and our dancing will in turn take us to the ground, sitting and chatting, while also eating an assortment of plant-based snacks. As we sit down, we shall also throw our wreaths to the fire, showing that even in Nature, everything shall fade once.

    I have been looking forward to this event, ever since I first heard of it.

  • [Another entry on behalf of SerachtmunoSilastro]

    Building Dragonspire
    A few brave people, with nothing but a few tools and bandages alongside some food, landed in the northern city of Myr, where newcomers meet. The place was a bit up, higher from ground; wind howling at their faces. There was only a bank, some stations for crafting and a tavern. The sun was warming their backs when they arrived, a beautiful morning; for new adventures, the days to come for the plans of these people. They sat down at the tavern made of stone blocks and wooden logs, planks covering the floor. A few drinks were passed, soon everyone knew what they were up to and what to do. They gathered in the end of the town and went out for resources.

    Nothing was easy as it would look from outside, and the group was going to realize it roughly. They reached the goblin camps at night time, a good time to hunt if I may add, only to discover that these monsters already have assassin, mage and warrior goblin types they need to fight. Gladiators lined up at the front, their spears ready to pierce through the monsters as ranged ones came from behind shooting arrows and magical abilities at the monsters. Weapons of all sides clashed and banged with each other, to annihilate the other side. Battles have only just started, as to say, for the group of few as they managed to overcome the danger of these monsters for now. They collected every possible loot they can collect, goblins screaming in agony and hatred as they are killed. Soon, gold, resources and much more reagents were collected.

    They gathered many more people along the way to their small group which is now a strong, well-managed guild with 3 people in charge of things, as of now. As people heard of this group, Forum Draconum, fighting fierce battles against these monsters whom threaten the stability of the continent and all humans; they joined in on the battle. As many more gathered around, the circle grew to become much more strong and reliable. As they fought side by side, people learned whom to trust and whom to rely on. They learned adaptation, fighting side by side, trust and most important of all; the feeling of knowing that some-one has your back, no matter what.

    Soon, the teams dispatched to gather gold to claim their future city, Dragonspire, and started hunting more strategically as their time was running thin. They turned to a much more reliable hunting source; outlaws of the world, bandits. The hunting and battles for building their own town went on for days, even weeks, but in the end; they were successful, with a bit of funding from friends. Now that they had the gold, they needed people; a settler group made of 20 people, to be exact. Soon people agreed on helping them and they set out to do what they had in mind, for a long time!

    As the group leader claimed the land of Dragonspire, it was only just the beginning. But still, the hope in the eyes of other members was something to cherish and behold. The stone blocks were collected from ruins and wooden logs from nearby trees; only to build the Town-Hall, in which they would hold a great meeting at later on. The leading circle immediately began work on the infrastructure, plots and where what should be placed, farming and the future of the city. As all sides agreed on what to do, they went out to gather resources, to build a town and make it greater than any other town! And with that, the real adventure had begun...

    They built the basics at first, such as the bank, their city tavern, the workshop and their resource stockpiles. It might be easier reading and speaking it, but it took days to complete all of these things. As hardworking as it gets, these people put their everything; money, resources, time and their beliefs onto building their grand city. A few disagreements occurred of course, as well as some minor problems, but in the end everything was coming along quite fine. The town was in a very good shape for most of the time, resource and money-wise. But as it should be, it was never enough for the new and developing City of Dragonspire. They needed to increase their numbers, power and prestige as well as their technology.

    With that, they realized the importance of farming and agriculture and how it should be planned perfectly. Their Head of Agriculture and Head of Diplomacy, for the time being, provided the perfect plan for them. They were farming the plots non-stop in the most beneficial way possible, a great plan for the town building. Soon, cereal and protein packs were filling up; and with that, their first leveling up of the city was their first great achievement as a group. The planned farming helped them a lot, so they owe a huge thank you to the person in charge of that; not to forget this plan still goes on to this day.

    They still needed gold though, so they went out with searching parties to hunt more bandits and creatures. Their time was precious, so they went for the bigger games such as ogres, zombies, skeletons etc. They also hit up goblin camps every now and then, quite often to gather the treasures and gold of these monsters. As the resources and prestige increased, they put down more stations; such as a clothing workshop for normal and hide/leather clothes, wood workshop for planks and such as well as a blacksmith. They were increasing in numbers, day by day but they were yet to realize the harsh truth of the world.

    The truth was that they were making enemies all along the way. The truth striked them hard when few arguments showed how they needed to be prepared for the worst. In the meantime, as previously mentioned, a meeting was held at the town hall; answering all questions from the citizens and guild-members to avoid confusions in the future and making sure everyone is clear on what is going on. But the harsh truth never left them alone, and doubted it will ever do...

    An all hands on deck message was posted in town-hall and all around the city, to make sure their only safety; walls are up and running. They needed tons of wood, so all teams were dispatched to collect what was needed. There were not many people, but with great teamwork and management; they built all the city walls and gates in one day! Another great achievement that not many can achieve with that less people, luckily they had their stockpiles full and there were trees nearby. After hardworking, non-sleeping days were over; they finally researched basic buildings, walls and placed them all in their city.

    This is the story for now, it was a good run for the people who enjoyed their times spent with their neighbors and guildmates. May the Gods bless The City of Dragonspire!


    Beleaguered Fools

    Night lay on the face of Syndesia; a bitter, white cold in the north; a black, stifling heat to the south; and a gentle, cool change from a day of pleasant warmth in the lands of Myr.
    In the midst of Myr, among the wide plains, there rises a great upswelling of the earth; the last bastion of mountains that once had pressed inland from the sea, their outflung spurs driving like spears into the lowlands. But long and long ago they were beaten back by that most relentless foe, ranging now in misty lines of stone across a distant sky.
    Alone this mountain stands, undefeated, though bowed beneath the long green cloak of time, with no friend about him but the graves of the slain; the laying dead of an army in retreat, in row upon row of rolling hills that stretch from here to the far off marching peaks. And across their sinking bones, like the ceaseless waves of a verdant sea, moaning and howling among the grass, The Wind drives his unseen herds to storm the horizon.
    A river winds about his feet, and on its shores, between the mountain and the water, stands a city. Its walls are built of stone hewn from him; its houses of timbers cut from the forest that cloaks him, and its people are fed on the food that his body gives them; crops that grow on the floodplains about him, herds and flocks that graze on his grassy flanks.
    The city stands muffled in the folds of a thick cloaking fog; masts rising from out of a cloudy sea, piers and jetties stretching over nothing amidst its pale drifts, and where the shifting white parts for a moment, glimpses of a black liquid sky. The banks of pale stuff pile themselves against the water gate and pool around the walls; rising up and falling back like waves, wisps floating over the parapets, through the cracks in the timbers to stray down cobbled thoroughfares and winding alley ways like ragged ghosts, their silent passage unheeded by the living, for the living are no longer there to see them.
    The sun rises and the darkness begins to lighten, but shadows still lie deep over the city, for night lingers here, in the shadow of the mountain. The golden tide of sunlight flows by on either side, parting about the mighty sheltering shoulders and the high proud peak. The encroaching day shows the land bare all about the city; nothing but stubble stands in the fields, and the pastures on the mountains long, green sides hold neither flock nor herd, and the air is still and silent but for birds that quarrel over the empty fields.
    Now comes the dawn in truth, and Morning races upon a freshening wind to catch at the banners hanging low and dark upon the spires of the city; snapping them out like whips until they flash and crack like fire: tongues of fire in every hue.
    Then the light upon its breezy charger, turns and courses back again towards the the mountain, washing over the plain before the city to break upon the walls and foam about the knights there drawn up like the ranks of Faery; all in glittering mail and helms that flame with the dawn.
    Their lances rise like a forest, the points tipped with the beaten fires of a new day. Their shields shine like the scales of great and wondrous fish, and the morning dances about them, pulling at their capes and the tossing the manes of their horses, until the sight of them, arrayed so boldly before that fair city, took on the seeming of a dream; some memory of childhood that brings to the hearts of men the ache of a nameless longing.
    Now falls once more the night; darkness blotting out the land as the shadow of Tartaros catches the sun from the sky and devours the day.
    Silence covers the land; deep, and dark, and waiting. Then a sound like metal torn and shrieking; like thunder breaking all to pieces, and a doorway flares in the darkness; the flaming hellish mouth yawning ever wider and lighting the field with a bloody light. The waiting army turns, it seems, to stone, all dull and lifeless while the shadows crawl around them.
    Into that benighted world comes a creature like a dragon; crawling across the earth with a thousand heads and ten thousand feet that scratch and claw the green, green grass still wet with the mornings dew.
    The beast draws itself up before the city; a dark and twisted mirror to that fair host which stood but a little time before, now gone grey and crumbling in the face of a mighty foe, and there it stops. Writhing and rustling like a forest of iron, a thousand thousand red and hungry eyes, all turned upon the city like a serpent before a nest of eggs, whose fearful stare has turned to stone the beak and claws poised to defend it.
    The field stood so, poised for battle, but caught in an endless moment.

    Story continues Here:

    P.S. I'm not sure if this will work, but my story is too long to be posted here so I hope it does.
    Alternatively: https://forum.fracturedmmo.com/topic/15105/mythopoeia-beleaguered-fools

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