Replacing gold with ingame materials

  • I've been reading a lot of forum for past few days and i agree with other like minded players that have said; "Gold will be fast obsolete".

    Path of exile has made wonderful transition from gold to all ingame currency. I applaud this choice and i suggest same would be done in fractured mmo + economy would healthier in long run.

  • I can partly agree with this. One problem I had in the last few alphas was that basic resources were so overly abundant that nobody needed to buy or trade anything. So gold over-accumulation was a clear issue.

    If gold is to remain in the game, it certainly needs more "gold sinks" to make it hold some value.

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    @Kazzier there are plans for both more gold sinks, and adjusting of the current gold sinks and gold drops once the game launches. Remember, we are running under Alpha Testing right now, ,where everything is adjusted to facilitate a shorter game span and smaller audience.


    Stop complaining about excess this and excess that when the game isn't even in a beta state yet.

    And there is plenty of gold sinks as it is that were just added in the last test.

    Also, if you are getting too much of something; then stop fighting what drops it; or god forbid you just not pick it up. It's that simple.

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    I had the opposite experience in the last test. No matter how much gold I farmed, it was never enough.

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    @spoletta That's because it really comes down to how much you utilize your gold. You tended to try everything, and get the full experience, and the full gold balancing system left you wanting. That's a good thing. Keep you hungry for a little more, that's the ticket.

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