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    Hello, am a newbie who tried this game some earlier versions ago.
    So now am back on Alpha and got stuck again. Where can noobs go to find help? I understand game is about wondering around, discovering stuff, which is, yes interesting. However there should be some avenue to get help when we really stuck as u can see from my problem below. Dont see this on this forum front page.

    1. Followed tutorial and as "archer" made bow. Then, was asked to hunt young wolves. Realizing i had no arrows, i tried to make some and had to look high and low for stones and such. Got killed. And then lost all stuff from bag (due to death?) and subsequently was informed that couldnt farm the "tutorial farms" anymore! What's a newbie to do? Go hunt by himself all over the place? ok, that's what i did. But surely that's not how the Tutorial meant things to go!?
    2. In process nearly died again vs spiders since/esp i had no weapons, no idea how to play well.. Then, inadvertently picked up a Large Stone (well was desperate trying to help myself to anything). Msg says "right click to start placement". Nothing i did can make me get rid of that stone, including right click 2x which some1 suggested! What's a noob to do? Carry all way back to village? Meanwhile starvation starts again and i still cant equip my bow despite having learnt (only) archer skills. I've logged out to hopefully get rid of the stone.
      So, how to get help other than asking on Global who may or may not have the know-how?


    ** edit : (just found the "Questions" page and posted specific question there.)

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    @Tardigrade usually you should not go far from the starter town, when your tutorial quests are not made till the point that it tells you to go to the points of interest outside in the world.
    If you already made to this and you lost your stuff, stay around the town, till you have enough materials again. The Animals directly around the town should not attack you as long you don‘t attack them.

    Stones and Branches you find there everywhere.
    Also some small food like carrots, potatoes or whatever.

    If you died and lost your inventory, that means, you was before already KOed some times. If your Health bar has this purple line, that reduce after each KO your max health, you should go back to a fireplace in town and rest to fill up your Health again.

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    @Tardigrade In addition to what @Kralith said, also note:

    You can make arrowheads out of bones instead of stone. You should be looting animal bones from the wolves near town, and then you won't have to hunt down so many stones. Also, many times if you mention your a rank newb in global chat, someone will at least give you some arrows or bones to help you get started.

    The large stone question was answered elsewhere, so doesn't bare repeating here.

    You can find some answers in the Wiki, and some by searching the forums by keywords. You probably won't find most of your answers on the first page of the forums, as they would have scrolled over to later pages. Try searching things like 'Crafting Arrows' for tips. Otherwise, global chat is basically your main recourse., That or joining others who might offer to teach you the basics if your having trouble. This is an Alpha test, afterall, so generally it is expected that testers are people fairly familiar at least with MMOs in general.

    Remember, if you do get the purple blocks Kralith mentioned, to head back into town to the tavern, and sleep. Sleeping at the Tavern's fireplace is pretty much the only place a newb will be able to heal fully. Also, even if you are training as a bowman (which is frankly the hardest for a newb to pull off, really) you can still equip other weapons to fight easier targets, like wolves, just to collect animal bones and Knowledge Points from them.

    You'll get the hang of it, just stick with it.

    The tutorial quests are not meant to be something you can do over and over again with the same account. They purposely limited the harvesting of grain in town, for instance, as in the previous test, people were exploiting the quick refresh of starter town grain and using that to pay their city upgrade/upkeep costs of cereals.

    My advice, hunt the young wolves until you get them to 100%. Then kite the small black bears near town to 100%. (Kiting is when you try to stay at a distance, and run away when they get close, to stop and fire again when you have a second). Of course, do the starter quests as soon as you can to get your basic gear, and trade out the newb gear you spawn with. If you are really stuck in such a newb situation and think you took a wrong turn, the good news is, you won't lose much be deleting that character and rebuilding it. The Gladiator is probably the easiest for a Newb to start with, overall, but is also the one that wants much better weapons and armor pretty quickly, which means aligning yourself with a city usually.


    Thanks for guidance Game Seuss and Karlith,

    I came back to this game because i did think it was promising. But i must say it's not been smooth. Thought tutorials should not leave the student too much lost with limited recovery paths. So my posting was also some kind of feedback as well. Also had adopted Archer as it was stated as one of easier (with Gladiator) ones! Perhaps this is the wrong place for feedback.

    Anyway, i finally cleared the wolves. Strangely after quite easily killing 3 bears, i am just stuck, unable to kill the next one!
    Kiting doesnt seem to work. I guess part of the reason i am struggling is because of my bad lag. In game chat is tough. Probably my hardware is just not adequate for this game.

    Meanwhile, i got to go hunt for food again. But I appreciated your responding



    You can run back to your body, and loot all your items back.

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    @Tardigrade This is the first test to include the Bowman option, and as such, how easy it is to play is not fully gauged yet. Playing an archer with friends, however should be easy, as the close up types can keep all but the other artillery types off your back to shoot.

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