City level exploit on research points

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    Like it was in the last alpha, it is currently possible to bank on research points to use them on higher rank techs. For example, you can avoid selecting 2 hamlet level researches at rank 4, then rank to 5 and select 4 techs from Village level techs, using Hamlet points for Village Techs.

    This leads to cities without shrines, banks or marketplaces.

    I think it should be impossible to rank up if you havn't used all your current research points.

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    @spoletta said in City level exploit on research points:

    This leads to cities without shrines, banks or marketplaces.

    I am still up for not hiding these three things behind researches.
    Just make maybe hidden features on these buildings, like marketplaces give a fee to the town, if you researched Economy.

    If not such essential things are locked behind points, but real research of knowledge about things, you would not need to restrict points to that.
    So it is totally playerdriven, you will have towns, that just can this one single thing till the mastery, others will make balanced towns, where you can do from all a bit, but nothing really good.

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    @spoletta I actually like this and consider it a feature.

    That being said, I do think that they may need to put certain 'necessary facilities' in as prerequisites to town upgrades. I just don't know how much of these should require spending those valuable tech tree points.

    As @Kralith said, with things like this, you get towns that are highly focused and specialized around certain things, and you also get towns that are more balanced. A town may want 3 or 4 Village level tech choices, and not want to wait until surpassing the Village level and spending the points they get for higher levels on those extras.

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