campfire changes from previous tests is bad IMO


    i have tested the game for almost 2 years, and i think this is worst test i had, and its mostly since solo play is basically almost not possible.
    i find myself runing back and forth to town every half hour, its usually 10-15 min to run from town to the place you want, then fight monsters for 20-30 min then run back 10-15 more.
    if you want to learn new skill you just got, or to test on the monsters different skills, you can't rest on the campfire and memorize skills.
    if you try to solo hard monsters, and get down several times, while trying different skill build you can't rest on the campfire anymore.

    i understand that it was abusive in the past tests, and its overpowered that you can reset lower HP debuff every time you rest, and i understand that the change was to force people to have homes and towns, but this just boring playgame!
    to fix this i think the campfire need to get back its old powers, and able to memorize skills and talents every time you rest, and to reset the HP debuff, every 20 min (this could be higher if needed) at rest.

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    @grofire Although I agree with most of what you say, the HitPoint Debuff from dying should still require going to an actual fireplace like in a home or a town, over just a campfire.

    Yes, Campfires should fully heal you (minus the debuff) and restore your mana, allow you to swap out Talent and Skills, and cook food, but not get rid of the death debuff..that is sometimes the only thing forcing people to take a break, otherwise they set a strategic campfire and just grind for hours


    @GamerSeuss that why i put the 20 min pause on the HP debuff, it can be even more.
    and i think the campfire should heal HP and mana at 20 min break, otherwise its too easy.
    and its ok to people to grind hour if the choose to.

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