Patch Log - v.a.2.6.0f

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    • Ranking up a city is now even cheaper than we made it in the previous patch. Given that the upgrade cost is equal to the maintenance of the following city rank, we've compensated this change by making maintenance tick faster - it's now every 3 days instead of 7. As the maintenance clock resets when you rank up, a well-organized city should be able to reach rank 15 step by step without having to pay for maintenance.
    • The Hamlet stages of a city now require cereals and proteins too instead of generic food. The ratio cereals : proteins is now 2:1. Given that the growth of crops in this test is twice as fast compared to the previous alpha (e.g. only 1 day for rice), asking for generic food is no longer needed.
    • The crafting time for cooking steak and packaging food has been reduced from 4 to 2 seconds.
    • The character menu now shows several additional modifiers, such as Lower Mana Cost, Block Chance and Lockpicking.

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed a bug that would sometimes make dash spells deal damage to enemies in a huge area around the caster, which would pull all monsters hit to the caster. The fix we've implemented is quite "hacky" though, we're still investigating a proper solution.
    • Block chance is now working correctly instead of yielding sub-optimal results.
    • Ready spells that guarantee a secure hit when triggering (e.g. bleeding strike) no longer make you always hit the enemy when on cooldown.


    On my old computer. Gonna try w my new one now and see whether the maps are working for me yet



    nope. same issue. clicking on the map or using the M key triggers a freeze that requires exit
    @Kralith & all my New Order buddies will have to build their city w/o me, I guess. 🤷

    I'll check in tomorrow.

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    @PeachMcD 😭
    I hope they can help you.
    So even the new computer don't let you playing?
    Looks like you have a very bad luck.
    I am in ❤ with you.

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