Cart handling improvement


    It's so annoying to interact with the carts.

    My proposal:
    Right mouse button without horse, shows the contents of the cart directly.
    Right mouse button with horse: accepts the cart on the horse.


    +1 for this idea 🙂

  • The original intent of the developers was for this to be annoying, but i like your idea better. Thank you.


    How nonsensical. Who wants to waste time?

    If I want to look into a box, I open the box. I don't open a menu first ...

    What do the developers want to achieve with it?

    I think it backfires ...

  • Content Creator

    @Selfish part of the goal is to make things take a little time to do, so as to make the overall game last longer. They don't want players just zooming through all the planned content, so they have added steps and such to things just to slow this down a little bit. This game is horizontal, not vertical in progression, so you can't eventually build up your character to solo a Legend, let's say, you will always need a raid party. In other games, eventually, you can level up to the point that most mobs can be taken on solo, with maybe a little risk, but that's not Fractured's goal.

    They also don't want instanced content (except maybe the asteroids, they haven't said yet, but I don't think that's the intention) and they don't want non-player designed gear, so there needs to be things in the game to slow progress down and make the game seem more full.

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    I do get the slow progression thing, but indeed the carts are annoying. They don't require time because you are "doing" something, they require time because you are fighting the UI, and that's not good.

    I mean, the same can be obtained by making it more responsive and making the animations longer. Same time, less frustrating.

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